Kinetico Water Softener Cost

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Kinetico water softeners, said to be the industry-leading brand, works efficiently to help deliver water that looks, tastes and even feels better, too.

Founded in 1970, the brand, since then, has become a global company of independent water experts, offering a variety of water softener options.

Kinetico Water Softener Cost
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How much does a Kinetico water softener cost?

The official Kinetico website, when we took a glance at it, doesn’t really specify the exact prices; instead, you can compare the current models and look at the costs in the form of a dollar sign, with the “$$$” being the most expensive option, which, at the time of this publishing, was the Premier Series brand.  To get a quote for a particular water softener offered by the company, they would ask you to fill out a form and submit a request, and within 24 hours, the company noted you should receive information from a local Kinetico expert

While the official website didn’t delve on the pricing, we did find multiple third-party sources that shared the costs of the water softeners, and from the looks of it, the average costs for just the Kinetico water softener would range anywhere from $1,900 to $7,100+, depending on the series and add-ons you’re looking to purchase.  Aside from the actual water softener, for instance, the company allows you to “complete your whole home system” by adding a drinking water station, the “dechlorinator” and/or a backwashing filter.

For instance, on this thread, multiple people shared the quotes they received from a local Kinetico dealer, with one person, in particular, saying he was quoted $1,900 for a 2030s dual tank system, while the creator of the thread was quoted $3,950 or about $1,000 less without the reverse osmosis, including installation.  In comparison to quotes from competing brands, such as Culligan and Ecowater, it seemed Kinetico always was near the top, but for some, they noted it was due to the credibility/reliability factor and was worth the price, while others said to highly consider the competitor as the products were quite similar in features.

On, one reviewer noted he paid $3,568 for his 2060 dual tank with an OD water softening system, while another person, on this same review page, stated he paid a similar price as well.

On yet another message board, someone created a thread and noted they were quoted $7,000 for the softener and the reverse osmosis system, which included the tax and the installation, while someone else replied noting he was quoted $2,400 for just the unit if he did the installation on his own.

Where can I purchase one?

All Kinetico water softeners are available directly from authorized retailers that you have to search for on the official website, and unfortunately, you cannot purchase directly from the company itself.  As mentioned, the only way to get an exact price is to request a quote from a local dealer.  While you may be able to find a used one occasionally on eBay and, even if you were to go this route, you risk the chance of a counterfeit, one with faulty parts and/or the chance of not receiving the manufacturer warranty that would originally come with a new purchase.

Kinetico water softener options

Premier Series

A non-electric option powered by moving water, equipped with multiple tanks for continuous soft water, even during the regeneration process.  According to the official comparison page, this was the most expensive option; however, it had the highest ratings for hardness levels, capacity rates, and the water flow rate, to name a few.

Signature Series

Non-electric dual tank option, considered to be the middle-of-the-road option in terms of economic value, according to the comparison chart.

Essential Series

Non-electric single tank option, known to be simple and compact and one of the most cost-efficient options available by the company.

Powerline Series

Another single tank non-electric version and considered to be an economic solution for homes with hard water problems.

Kinetico water softener reviews

Someone on Angie’s List stated he owned one for more than 21 years and had nothing but great things to say about his.  In fact, over the 21 years, it only needed one repair and would consider it as the “Mercedes” of the water softener world.  The twin tank, which he had, seemed to be the best option, in comparison to the single unit models due to the unlimited capacity, less salt usage and better water overall.

With multiple locations throughout the United States, we found countless Yelp reviews online, with most of them being in the 3.5 to 4.5 out of 5 range.  From what we did research on a few Yelp pages, people seemed to like the knowledge of the representatives, the customer service (although it would vary on the location), and the difference in taste once the system was installed.  As for the negative reviews, again, highly dependent on the location, was primarily related to the high costs, poor customer service and the future repair service calls/repairs.

On the Houzz thread we mentioned earlier, members to the website discussed their thoughts and many talked highly of their water softener, noting that while it can be on the expensive side, it seemed to always deliver full value.  Others also liked the dual tank feature and the need for no electricity, something competing brands couldn’t offer.

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