Kleinfeld Bridal Appointment Cost

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For over 70 years, Kleinfeld Bridal has catered to thousands of brides looking for the perfect wedding look from across the world.

Located in the heart of New York City with more than 30,000 square feet of space, the company claims they have the largest selection of wedding dresses in the world, with more than 200 employees are dedicated to finding you the perfect dress on the day of your appointment.

Kleinfeld Bridal Appointment Cost
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Kleinfeld Bridal appointment cost

To book an appointment, you will need to place a $100 hold deposit to hold your block time, and if you show up, you have no obligation to buy and you will receive your deposit back; again, as long as you show up, making the appointment free.  However, if you do not show up for your appointment or you do not cancel at least 48 hours prior to your appointment, then they will charge a $100 cancellation fee as per their terms to the credit card you used while booking your appointment.

What to bring

Kleinfeld Bridal, as per its “What to Bring” page recommends you being the proper undergarments you plan on wearing the day of your wedding, your hair ties/clips to keep your hair in an updo, the appropriate shoes to try on alongside of the dress, a few family members and friends, and lastly, a relative idea as to how much you’re going to want to spend on your dress as their prices greatly vary.  There is a maximum of five guests.

What to expect at your appointment

When you arrive and check in, you will be greeted by your personal consultant who will take you back to your large dressing room that is equipped with television lighting and clear white mirrors.  Once inside the dressing room, the bride will be escorted in a back dressing room to slip into a robe.

Once you’re ready to try on the dresses, your consultant will ask about your wedding details, including your venue, your wedding date, the style you’re looking for, the dresses you like on the showroom floor and the budget.  Before the appointment, they do ask you bring in some photos for some inspiration to help find the perfect look.

With all of this information in mind, your consultant will bring in dresses to help you try on, and based on the information/feedback they receive, they will be able to show you similar dresses that may fit the vision you’re looking for.  On average, brides often try up to six dresses in the two-hour time frame.

If you do find a dress at the time of your appointment, then next, an accessory expert will enter the dressing room to help you complete your look with additional belts, shoes, jewelry and veils, to name a few.

For the lucky ones who do say yes to the dress and all of the accessories, then they will set up the purchase details, ask for a deposit and set up a future date for your alterations/customizations.  Even if you do not find a dress at the time of the appointment and run out of time, then they will ask you to reschedule an appointment for the future.

How to budget

The appointment is just the beginning of your adventure.  While the appointment will not cost you a dime as long as you show up, the company recommends you budget for the dress ($1,500 to $30,000+); the accessories such as the jewelry, headpieces, shoes, and belts; the alterations (around $895); customizations; the sales tax (8.875%); and while optional, the shipping fee (starts at $125).

Tips to know

An appointment to try on a dress is required, with the FAQ page recommending booking at least two to three weeks ahead of time.  You are either able to make the appointment online via their official form or you can call their customer service hotline at 646.633.4300.

Dress appointments typically last anywhere from two hours on a weekday and about 90 minutes on a weekend.  Accessory-only appointments can last about 60 minutes.

The wedding dresses can range from as little as $2,500 to more than $30,000 or more, with the company offering more than 1,000 samples you’re able to try on the day of your appointment.  With a budget in mind, when you do find a dress, you will need to place a 60% deposit down at the time of the purchase.  According to reviews online, however, it appears you need to budget at least $5,000 to potentially buy a dress of your dreams.

According to this New York Post article, you should be prepared to see about 20 other soon-to-be brides while trying on your own dress, meaning you will never have a dedicated mirror or a platform that was solely for you at the time of your appointment.  If you plan on showing up due to the hit show “Say Yes to the Dress,” then you should set your bar low as it feels more like a machine trying to push as many brides through as possible.

Known as a full-scale tourist attraction due to the hit TLC show, the New York Post notes the company pushes through more than 17,000 brides a year.

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