How Much Does Knob and Tube Wiring Replacement Cost?

Knob and tube wiring, commonly known as K&T or open wiring, is an older form of electrical distribution consisting of two longer wires wrapped in a rubber insulator, ran along the beams of the home and wrapped around a ceramic-based tube at the joints to prevent chafing.  This type of wiring started in the last 1800s and was used in homes up until the 1930s.  If your home was built in the late 1800s to the early 1900s, there’s a pretty good chance your home will have this sort of setup.

If your home still uses the knob and tube electrical system, you may find it difficult to find an insurance company that is willing to insure you home.  The reason for this is that these older systems could have worn out wires that have shorts in it, causing electrical problems such as shorting out, starting fires and/or even causing small explosions.

knob and tube wiring by laurascudder, on Flickr
knob and tube wiring” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by laurascudder

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