How Much Does Lamb Meat Cost?

From a roast to a stew, lamb has something to offer for everyone at the kitchen table.

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How much does lamb meat cost?

Type of LambAverage Price
Broth Bones$2 to $3 per pound
Ground Lamb$8 to $11 per pound
Lamb Stew Meat$7 to $11 per pound
Leg Steaks$11 to $14 per pound
Liver, Heart or Kidney$3 to $5 per pound
Loin Chops$8 to $12 per pound
Rack of Lamb or Deboned Roast$12 to $17 per pound
Rib Chops$7 to $9 per pound
Sausage Links$7 to $10 per pound
Shanks$7 to $9 per pound
Shoulder Steaks$5 to $9 per pound
Whole Bone-in Leg Roast$11 to $14 per pound
Whole Bone-in Shoulder Roast$9 to $13 per pound

What is going to be included?

Type of CutDescription
ChopsComing from the rack and the long rib bones, the chops offer a generous ratios of meat-to-bone.
Leg of lambFrom the full leg to the shank (lower end), the legs will take the longest to cook but can feed the most. One whole leg, which weighs an average of five pounds, can feed up to eight people.
RackThe rib rack, with seven to eight in tact, is often crusted with herbs and is roasted to perfection.
ShankA lamb shank, on average, can feed one person. This cut are often braised and have a velvety-like texture if prepared properly.
ShoulderAlso referred to as a square-cut road, the shoulder is great for stews or slow roasting.
Top Round This tender cut comes from the larger part of the lg. It's often used as a thin steak, kebobs or as a roast.

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