How Much Does Lamb Meat Cost?

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From a roast to a stew, lamb has something to offer for everyone at the kitchen table.

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How much does lamb meat cost?

The cost of lamb meat will greatly depend on the cut, the market conditions, the quality and the butcher/retailer you purchase from.  Refer to our table below to see what the average cut may cost:

Type of LambAverage Price
Broth Bones$2 to $3 per pound
Ground Lamb$8 to $11 per pound
Lamb Stew Meat$7 to $11 per pound
Leg Steaks$11 to $14 per pound
Liver, Heart or Kidney$3 to $5 per pound
Loin Chops$8 to $12 per pound
Rack of Lamb or Deboned Roast$12 to $17 per pound
Rib Chops$7 to $9 per pound
Sausage Links$7 to $10 per pound
Shanks$7 to $9 per pound
Shoulder Steaks$5 to $9 per pound
Whole Bone-in Leg Roast$11 to $14 per pound
Whole Bone-in Shoulder Roast$9 to $13 per pound

As for live lamb, the costs will depend on the weight, the butcher you choose and geographical location.  On average, the entire lamb, when cut, wrapped and vacuum packed, the costs on the killed weight can range from $6 to $10 per pound, with the costs decreasing as the weight of the live lamb increases.

At the Prolific Acres Sheep Farm, for example, they list their prices on their official website, with a 25-pound carcass retailing for $240, whereas a 60-pound carcass retailing for $400.

The price for lamb meat, according to the hanging weight, can range from $4.50 to $6 per pound, again, depending on the factors mentioned prior.  The hanging weight, also referred to as the carcass weight, will be the weight after the inedible parts are removed such as the feed, head and some bones.  The processing fee, which is often an additional cost at most butchers, can be an additional $1 per pound.

At the Blue Rooster Farm in East Waterford, Pennslyvania, for example, a whole lamb can cost $5.75 per pound, plus processing, which can be another $70 to $85 per lamb.  For simplicity purposes, the farm said you should be prepared to pay about $367 for a lamb that’s hanging weight is 50 pounds.

The best sellers on, for example, can range from $20 per pound for a USDA Prime lamb shoulder roast to $9 per pound for ground lamb meat.

Lamb at Costco retails for $70 for a 4.5-pound boneless leg pack.

Lamb meat overview

Lamb meat, either fresh or frozen, can typically be purchased at your local grocery store, a farmers market, butcher or even a restaurant if you already want it prepped.  As seen in the table above, a wide variety of cuts are available, with the most popular being the legs, rack, chops, shoulder, top round and shank.  Dr. Axe highly recommends buying organic and grass fed to get the highest quality lamb meat possible.  Grass-fed lamb, when compared to other varieties, is significantly higher in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Type of CutDescription
ChopsComing from the rack and the long rib bones, the chops offer a generous ratios of meat-to-bone.
Leg of lambFrom the full leg to the shank (lower end), the legs will take the longest to cook but can feed the most. One whole leg, which weighs an average of five pounds, can feed up to eight people.
RackThe rib rack, with seven to eight in tact, is often crusted with herbs and is roasted to perfection.
ShankA lamb shank, on average, can feed one person. This cut are often braised and have a velvety-like texture if prepared properly.
ShoulderAlso referred to as a square-cut road, the shoulder is great for stews or slow roasting.
Top Round This tender cut comes from the larger part of the lg. It's often used as a thin steak, kebobs or as a roast.

Three ounces of lamb contains 160 calories, 23.5 grams of protein, 6.6 grams of fat, 2.7 micrograms of vitamin B12, 4.4 milligrams of zinc and 4.9 milligrams of niacin.  In moderation, lamb is a healthy source of protein, iron, zinc, selenium and vitamin B12.  While lamb meat is considered to be a red meat and falls within the category, it can be a healthy protein source as long as consumed in moderation.

Tips to know:

A lamb that weighs 50 pounds can yield close to 30 pounds of take-home meat, meaning a whole lamb could cost close to $13 per pound, on average, when all of the meat is processed and packaged for home use.

For every 15 to 20 pounds of lamb meat, be prepared to have one cubic foot of freezer space.

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