How Much Does a Laptop Battery Cost?

Like any gadget, a laptop needs a power source since you take it with you wherever you go.  Over time, however, the battery can be damaged or its lifespan can be shortened.  This can be a problem since this is the laptop’s main source of energy.

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How much is it?

Brand/TypePrice Range
Acer Laptop Battery$20 to $55
Asus Laptop Battery$38 to $88
Compaq Laptop Battery$20 to $38
Dell Laptop Battery$22 to $120
HCL Laptop Battery$25 to $125
HP Laptop Battery$20 to $85
Lenovo Laptop Battery$28 to $80
Macbook Pro Battery$35 to $99
Samsung Laptop Battery$25 to $50
Toshiba Laptop Battery$19 to $35

What are the extra costs?

Tips to know

How to make laptop battery last longer

Highest reviewed laptop batteries on Amazon

How can I save money?

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