How Much Does Laptop Screen Replacement Cost?

Laptop screen problems can range anywhere from a few dead pixels to a completely black or even worse — a cracked screen.  Instead of purchasing a new laptop, some owners prefer to have their screen replaced instead.

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How much is it?

BrandCost (screen only)
Acer Laptop Screen$45 to $75
Apple Laptop Screen$50 to $220
Asus Laptop Screen$35 to $70
Compaq Laptop Screen$35 to $55
Dell Laptop Screen$35 to $110
HP Laptop Screen$40 to $75
Lenovo Laptop Screen$35 to $80
Samsung Laptop Screen$45 to $75
Sony Vaio Laptop Screen$35 to $75
Toshiba Laptop Screen$38 to $75

What is going to be included?

What are the extra costs?

Tips to know

How to replace a laptop screen

How can I save money?

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