How Much Does a Las Vegas Athletic Club Membership Cost?

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The Las Vegas Athletic Club, commonly referred to as the LVAC, operates multiple athletic facilities throughout Southern Nevada.

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How much does the Las Vegas Athletic Club cost?

According to current members, the monthly fee greatly depends on how long you prepay for.  If you were to sign up for 24 months in advance, for example, the costs could be about $23 a month.  As for the signup fees, depending on the current promotion, this can be anywhere from $0 to $10.  For the most part, the average member pays $17 to $31 a month depending upon the membership you sign up, how far in advance you commit and the additional benefits you add.

A few people on this Yelp review for the Maryland Parkway location in Las Vegas stated they paid anywhere from $23 to $25 per month.

Another member on this Yelp review claimed he was able to pay $200 for 15 months in advance.

On this Las Vegas Reddit thread, one member said he paid $800 per year for a family plus towel service, childcare and racquetball.

Las Vegas Athletic Club overview

The amenities, as per the official website, includes group fitness theatrical-like rooms, an indoor running track, private women workouts, a cardio entertainment area, a hot hydro swimming pool, pool, racquetball courts, sauna, locker rooms, childcare option, a care, 700+ weekly group fitness classes, free weights and certified personal trainers.

All locations are open 24 hours a day.

What are the extra costs?

A $12 is charged to replace a lost membership card. Like most gyms, members are required to present their card every time they visit the club.

Private personal training sessions can be an additional cost to consider.  Members claim it costs close to $85 per year for one session per month.

As for fees mentioned above, this is often when you sign a long-term contract.  If you were to cancel, most state you have to pay $50 to get out of your contract, but this doesn’t appear to always be true since some people have claimed they have been sent to collections or sent a hefty bill for unpaid dues.  It seems as if you have to pay the $50 late fee plus the rest of your remaining balance.

Towel service can be an additional charge or a buddy pass can be purchased for the day of use.  Childcare can be an additional perk you can add to your membership as well.  From our research, these add-ons can cost about $85 each per year.

Tips to know:

Most Las Vegas Athletic Club locations are open 24 hours.

From most complaints online, be sure to read the contract before committing to know how long you’re obligated to paying the monthly payments.

How can I save money?

Check the official website before joining as they are always offering promotions.  For example, at the time of writing this, they are allowing women to join the club for free.

If you want to try out the club but not commit just yet, they do offer a free VIP one-day pass that you can sign up for on their official website.

With this gym, the longer you commit to the gym, the more you can save.  If you know for certain you want to join, you may be better off committing for one to two years.  Some people have claimed they paid less than $500 for a two-year commitment.

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