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Latanoprost ophthalmic solution, the generic version of Xalatan, is used to treat open-angle glaucoma and high pressure in the eye.

How much does Latanoprost cost?

The costs of Latanoprost depends on your insurance coverage, the strength and the pharmacy you use.  From our research, the average eye dropper, regardless of the strength, will cost anywhere from $15 to $30 without any insurance.  At Walmart, for instance, the reported costs are said to be in the $16 to $40 range, depending on the factors mentioned prior.

StrengthAverage Price (without insurance)
3 mls$20
6 mls$28
9 mls$35

According to the official prices at Costco, for example, a 3ml eye dropper can cost $19 without insurance, while a 9ml eye dropper will cost $33.  As compared to the branded Xalatan eye drops, the costs are close to 11-16 times more than that of the generic version.

Latanoprost, according to, is part of Medicare and most private insurance companies, and according to your insurance policy, the co-pay averages range from $0 to $21.  Talk with your insurance company for more information in regards to how much you will be responsible for.

Latanoprost overview

Latanoprost, the generic version of Xalatan, is designed to treat certain kinds of glaucoma, but it can also be used to treat hypertension of the eye, working by improving the outflow of the fluid from the eye, eventually lowering the pressure.  The medicine is only available via prescription only.

Only use the medicine as directed by your doctor and closely follow the guide that comes with the medication.  Never use more or less and take doses as according to doctor’s instructions.  If your doctor ordered more than two eye drop prescriptions, then you will want to wait at least five to 10 minutes in between medicines, and always wait at least 15-20 minutes before reinserting your contact lenses.

Most patients take one drop per day, usually in the evening.  Never take by mouth and wash your hands before and after using to avoid infection.

As with any prescription, keep out of reach from children, pets and store away from the direct heat.  Before the bottle, store in the refrigerator, but when it has been opened, it can be stored at either room temperature or in the refrigerator for up to six weeks.

If you do miss a dosage, take as soon as you can, but if you’re close to your next dose, then take that one only.   Never double dose or take extra doses.

Latanoprost eye drops side effects

The most common side effects seen with the drugs, as per CVS, include allergic reactions, a change in vision, skin irritation, swollen/infected eyes, burning, changes in eye color, dry eyes, an increased flow of tears and/or sensitivity to the light.  Any side effects you feel uncomfortable and/or side effects that seem to worsen should be reported to your doctor immediately.  Most side effects, according to the reports, were less than 1%.

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