How Much Does Laundry Detergent Cost?

According to Procter and Gamble, the average family does about 300 to 400 loads of laundry a year or about six to eight loads per week.  With every load, of course, will come the laundry detergent and whether you make it or purchase it at a store, it will come at a price.

Tide Laundry Detergent by JeepersMedia, on Flickr
Tide Laundry Detergent” (CC BY 2.0) by  JeepersMedia

How much is it?

BrandLoads (on box)Price
All Free and Clear40$5
Arm and Hammer100$9
Earth Friendly100$8
Gain HE40$7
Seventh Generation106$12
Tide Free and Clear40$9
Tide HE40$9
Walmart Great Value120$12

What is going to be included?

What are the extra costs?

Tips to know

How much laundry detergent to use?

  1. For accurate guidelines, refer to the label on the detergent to see how much you should use.  Failing to use too much or too little could result in different results.   How much you should use will depend on how dirty the clothes are, the size of the load and your water’s hardness.
  2. A medium-sized loan will be about seven pounds, and to determine seven pounds, it will be when your washing machine is about two-thirds full.  If you’re washing clothes with a lot of stains or dirt on them, you will want to use more than what the label recommends, often to the top of the cap line.  People with hard water should also use more detergent as well.  Those who prefer to use the tabs you will have to consider adding two instead of one since two will count as a “double” load.
  3. If you see too many suds, this means you’re not measuring properly and can lead to wearing down your high-efficiency machine.  Always make sure you pay close attention to the lines inside the detergent’s cap.
  4. Still unsure?  After a clean load, feel the clothes to see if they are still wet.  Too much soap will often lead to a sudsy residuey or stiff feel.

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How can I save money?

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