How Much Does a Laurita Winery Wedding Cost?

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The Laurita Winery, located in New Egypt, New Jersey, is enclosed by rolling hills and local farmlands, about 30 minutes from most Central New Jersey locations.  Located on 40 acres, this picturesque 40-acre venue offers many customizable options for those looking to get married.

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How much does a Laurita Winery wedding cost?

The price of a wedding at the Laurita Winery will depend on the event space you reserve, the ceremony space chosen, the time of year, the day of the week and food options.  Most packages, from what we observed, were often $130 to $150 per person for the plated dinner package to $5,000 for the event space.  The “per person” estimate can greatly increase if you were to add an open bar, often as much as $40 per person on top of the estimate., the official website of the winery, says that the reception price starts at $128.75 per person, and this price will depend on the menu choice and the number of attendees.  It could be much higher if you want to customize the menu rather than using one that has been pre-made. offers a calculator you can play around with to see what the venue may charge.  For instance, a date in April, for 120 guests, would cost about $20,600 or $130 per person.

Laurita Winery wedding overview

The winery sits on more than 250 acres, with a scene compared to Napa Valley.  The ceremony will take place in the middle of the courtyard surrounded by outdoor tents.  If you prefer an indoor wedding, there is an indoor setting as well.  No matter how many guests you are planning for your wedding, the Laurita Winery can accommodate almost all requests.  They can choose a location that will work for as little as 40 people without seeming empty to a location that can seat over 200 people without feeling crowded.

The wedding packages can include unlimited Laurita wines, a first course, main course, custom wedding cake, soft drinks, garnishes, pasta cocktail station, all bar set-up, mixers, deluxe dessert display, imported cheese, and/or spreads.  Packages will also include folded chairs for the outside venue as well as linens.

The venue can accommodate up to 400 people, while the reception can cover 180 people on sit-down dinner and 200 for the buffet.

What are the extra costs?

The service charge and taxes are not included in the wedding package.

Adding an open bar can cost an additional $32 to $38 per guest.

The flowers and additional wedding decorations are not included in the package and should be budgeted for.

There is an entrance fee of $7, but the winery offers a free shuttle bus from the parking lot to offset this fee, however.

The room rate starts at $200 a night—something that you have to keep in mind in case you are planning to have a few guests stay overnight after the wedding.

If you want to have a rehearsal dinner there the night before the wedding, you will have to pay an extra.

Tips to know

If you are planning to have an outdoor ceremony and reception, you have to reserve the winery’s tents, so if it rains, you will not have to worry about getting wet.

The Laurita Winery works closely with two different caterers in the area.  You can talk with each of them to see which price, menu, and service is more to your liking.  The winery also has a list of other suggested professionals, such as photographers.

How can I save money?

Book your wedding event months ahead of time because the winery usually offers discounts and promos for events that are booked early.

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