How Much Does Leather Car Seat Repair Cost?

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Some of the most common problems that happen with leather seats in a car or even at home are stains, rips or a worn out look, making the car’s interior look rather bland.

The cost of fixing a leather seat is going to depend on how complex the problem is, what needs to be fixed and who is going to do the job.

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cracked leather seat” (CC BY 2.0) by Ryu1chi Miwa

How much does leather car seat repair cost?

With most car seat situations, many professionals will recommend that the entire seat gets replaced if the damage is severe.  If the seat has to be replaced, the cost to replace a seat will depend upon the make and model of the car.  Average car seat replacements can cost $350 to as much as $2,000.

Simple, smaller repairs that can be done at an upholstery shop can cost anywhere from $75 to $300 per seat depending on how long the rip/tear/crack is as well as well as how deep the particular tear is.  Most shops will charge about $100 per hour to fix any problem.  For example, a rip at the seam will require an industrialized sewing machine and could cost $200 to $350 to fix.

For example, someone we found in Louisiana had paid $350 for a brand new seat for his Honda RSX-S.

According to a forum thread at, forum members stated that leather seats could cost anywhere from $800 to as much as $2,000 to have them repaired.  If the seats had to be replaced completely, the price could go up if they had to get an exact seat directly from the manufacturer.

A professional on Angie’s List said to reupholster the bottom of the seat, it could cost about $130, whereas reupholstering the entire seat could cost upwards of $600.  The same article says you can reholster the entire car’s interior for about $2,500.

Most cracks, as long as they aren’t deep, can be fixed with simple over-the-counter filler.  While the color may to be an exact match, it will do a good job hiding any cracks.  This type of repair, if you were to do it on your own, would cost about $10 to $20 per product, depending on the brand you purchase.  The same can be said with smaller holes.  Smaller holes can be fixed with a leather adhesive and will cost about $10 to $20 per product.  Larger holes may require professional help and will be in the price range mentioned above.

Car leather seat repair overview

If the tear can be replaced, the seat frame will be unbolted, and the entire leather upholstery will be removed.  Once the upholstery is removed, the tear will be sewed and reassembled again.  If it can’t be replaced, most will recommend that the seat is completely replaced, but this is rare.  If the crack/hole is small enough, a special filler will be used and a dye will be applied to match the car’s interior.

Most professionals will be able to fix any tears, burns, seams, holes, stains and can even bring the color back to life.

What are the extra costs?

While an upholstery shop will try its best to sew up the damage, it cannot always be done.  If the repair cannot be performed, a new seat will be needed.  Professionals will usually be able to tell you this before they even start the job.

Tips to know

To prevent your leather interior from cracking or wrinkling, it’s best to apply a special lubricant at least four times per year.

How can I save money?

If replacing an entire seat in a car, be sure to check with a few local junkyards to see if they have any similar makes and models available.  If a similar seat is available, it will be a lot more cost efficient compared to purchasing it new from the factory.

Consider purchasing car seat covers if a budget is limited.  Car seat covers can be purchased for as little as $10.

Aside from car seat covers, Mobil Oil has a nifty step-by-step guide showing you how to fix most leather seat repairs.

If the seat can’t be repaired, consider getting aftermarket seats rather than directly from the manufacture or even the dealer.  Those options can get rather pricey and by going the aftermarket way, you can find that you can save upwards of 30%+

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