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Leflunomide, the generic version of Arava, is used for rheumatoid arthritis and is only available via prescription only.

How much does leflunomide cost?

The costs of leflunomide, as with most prescriptions, depend on the dosage prescribed, your health insurance policy and which pharmacy you use.  On average, from the research we did by calling local pharmacies, the costs ranged anywhere from $75 for (30) 10MG tablets to as much as $210 for (90) 20MG tablets without any health insurance coverage.  Refer to our table below for the averages we gathered from local pharmacies.

As for health insurance coverage, it appeared all Medicare policies, as well as most private health insurance companies, cover the medication, meaning you will only be responsible for your co-pay.  To know how much you’re responsible for, either talk with your health insurance company directly, see if they have an online drug database with prices or talk with your local pharmacy.

Dosage/QuantityPrice Average
(30) 10MG$75
(60) 10MG$150
(90) 10MG$190

(30) 20MG$75
(60) 20MG$140
(90) 20MG$210

How did we get these numbers?  We called Walmart, Sam’s Club, CVS, Walgreens as well as access to the Costco drug directory to gather prices and come up with an estimate.  Granted, these are the prices for those without any health insurance coverage.

How to save on leflunomide

Third-party prescription coupons

Popular prescription coupon-based websites, such as GoodRX and Drugs.com, offer instant coupons you can print from your home.  To use the coupon, the process is quite simple.  First, you will want to search for the prescription, followed by selecting your dosage and the pharmacy you want to use.  Next to the pharmacy of choice, you will want to click the “get free coupon” button and bring this coupon into your local pharmacy for redemption.  Now, if you want to use the online coupon via these websites, you can either use the coupon or your private insurance, not both in combination.

90-day supply

As you can see from the averages noted above, the longer your prescription is initially, the more you can save per tablet.  If your doctor knows you will need the medication for more than 30 days, then it makes more sense to pay more upfront for a 90-day supply and ask your doctor for a 90-day supply.

Cheaper alternative

In the class of Antirheumatics, GoodRX does note there are cheaper alternatives you could discuss with your doctor.  Being in the same class that works in the same way, it could treat your condition at a much lower cost.  Talk with your doctor to see if there are less expensive options which may work for your condition.

Common leflunomide side effects

Most commonly noted side effects

Less common side effects

These side effects were sourced from the Mayo Clinic and are not considered to be a complete list.

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