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At LensCrafters, eye exams are available via an Independent Doctors of Optometry, either at or next to one in most states.

With multiple locations throughout the United States, there’s a good chance one is located near you.

LensCrafters Eye Exam Cost
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How much does a LensCrafters eye exam cost?

According to the official website’s FAQ, the costs of an eye exam will be highly dependent on the location you choose since each location is operated by an Independent Doctor of Optometry, who sets their own pricing for both the exams and other services.  For detailed pricing, the company does ask that you call or visit the Doctor’s office at your local LensCrafters to know what charges you can expect.

While the official website did not list the prices, we were able to find multiple people who shared the costs online, all of which we included inside of our table below.  All in all, you should be prepared to spend anywhere from as little as $0 if you purchase frames and lenses as part of a promotion to as much as $190 for a contact lens and fitting exam.  Remember, this price range will be highly dependent on the location you choose, the type of eye exam you need and if any promotions are held at the time of your appointment.

Price Paid/QuotedSource
$85 in cash for contact lens examScottsdale, AZ location review via Yelp
$70 for basic eye examSurprise, AZ location review via Yelp
$190 for contact exam and fittingScottsdale, AZ location review via Yelp
$100 for eye examMission Viejo, CA location review via Yelp
$175 for contact exam and fittingMission Viejo, CA location review via Yelp
$55 for eye examLas Vegas, NV location review via Yelp
Free with promotion but ended up paying $378 for the frames, lenses and exam in totalKenner, LA location review via Yelp
$75 for eye examRedondo Beach, CA location review via Yelp
$125 for eye examRedondo Beach, VA location review via Yelp

NOTE:  This is the price estimate for the exam only and will not include the prices for the lenses and frames.  Use these as an estimate only.  For accurate information, call a local LensCrafters in your area for exact pricing.

Type of ServiceAverage Price Reported
Eye Exam$75
Eye Exam + Contact Lens Fitting$150
Retinol Photo$45+
Visual Field Testing$25+

Jennifer Riley via the Christian Post, for instance, said she paid nothing for her eye exam at LensCrafters since she had Aetna/EyeMed insurance.

Does LensCrafters accept insurance?

Glancing at the FAQ, it appears LensCrafters locations accept many popular vision insurance plans, including EyeMed, Aetna Anthem Blue Cross Blue Sheild and Humana, to name a few.  To visit a full listing of all of the vision insurance plans they accept, you can do so by visiting this page via the official website.

What to expect at your eye exam

LensCrafters discounts and deals – how to save on your eye exam

AAA membership

According to the official LensCrafters website, AAA members can save 30% off their eye exam at participating locations.

AARP membership

If you are an AARP member, then you can save money on your prescription and your eye exam.  Talk with a local LensCrafters to see how much you can save.

Check out Groupon

Occasionally, the company will list eye exam and lens/frames deals on Groupon.com.  Check out the website before making an appointment to see if you can save a few dollars.

Official website

The official website, LensCrafters.com has a “savings and offers” page that is consistently updated with deals and offers.  Check out this subpage before making an appointment and/or talk with a local representative to see if you can take advantage of any offers for your situation.

Tips to know

To schedule an exam and find a LensCrafters near you, the official website offers a search tool that you can use to make an appointment online.

Same day and even walk-in appointments are available at most locations.  To confirm, call your local LensCrafters for more information.

LensCrafters offers a new type of digital eye exam, known as CLARIFYE℠, allowing your eye doctor to gather five times more information about your vision.  To learn more about this technology, you can do so here.

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