How Much Do Leonberger Dogs Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 7, 2018

The Leonberger dog comes from the city of Leonberg, Germany, and known as a larger breed, the Leonberger comes with a double fur coat, a large muscular body frame, and a medium temperament.

The male can grow up to 32 inches and 170 pounds, while the female grows up to 29 inches and 135 pounds.  These dogs are obedient, intelligent, and are very playful with others.   The Leonberger is a very lively, loving dog that can get along with just about anybody, and instead of showing aggression when approached with conflict, these dogs will simply walk away.

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How much does a Leonberger puppy cost?

On average, a Leonberger puppy from a reputable breeder can cost anywhere from $1,700 to as much as $2,500.  Since these dogs are rather rare in the United States, there’s a good chance you will have to pay shipping fees.  The costs will come down to the quality, the parents, breeder and where you live.

While some dogs can be found for a cheaper price, buyers warn that if you don’t purchase from a breeder registered with the Leonberger Club of America, you could find yourself with a dog that has many behavioral issues.

What is going to be included in the adoption fee?

Reputable breeders will include the registration paperwork, a health certification from a reputable vet, up-to-date vaccinations and a travel crate if being shipped.  Some breeders may also include a microchip, a spay/neuter and a starter kit that may include treats, food and coupons.

What are the extra costs?

As mentioned above, since these dogs are hard to find, you may have to pay shipping fees. The cost of shipping a dog can vary anywhere from $200 to $400, depending on the breeder and airline.

Even though this breed is rather obedient, dog obedience classes should be considered in the future since they are very stubborn during their adolescent years.  If you don’t train them early, you can only imagine how a 100-pound dog is going to respond to your training as it grows old. Even though they want to please their owner, you will still need to know how to train properly.  Basic classes start at $75 and can go up from there.

Grooming is highly recommended since they have long fur that tends to get everywhere all the time.  These dogs will shed about twice per year, but clumps of hair will still be found throughout the year.

Recurring dog expenses such as food, toys, treats, and routine/unexpected veterinarian visits.  The average dog owner should be prepared to budget $700 to $1,300 per year.  Compared to other breeders, be prepared to buy more dog food.

Tips to know:

Its coat can either be soft or rough, coming in a color that resembles a yellow, red, cream or brown, all with a blended black mask.  Its thick mane, which it’s known for, will resemble a lion-like appearance, and males will always have a thicker mane.  During the shedding season, it can shed much more than other breeds.

The average lifespan is eight to 10 years if taken care of properly.

This breed is known to be very large and muscular, and because of their stature, it’s best to know how to handle them appropriately.  These dogs can weigh up to 170 pounds and can be as tall as 31 inches.

As for its temperament, the breed is known to be the “gentle giant,” meaning it has a friendly demeanor, loving just about anyone who crosses their path.

These are very smart dogs and it’s very important that the owner is strict yet understanding when training.  These dogs won’t respond to hard training methods and positive reinforcement is highly recommended.  These types of dogs tend to get rather aggressive to those that are aggressive back.

These dogs are recommended for those with large yards.  Those who have smaller yards or an apartment should shy away from these breeds since they need a lot of room to run around in.

Unlike most larger dog breeds, this dog doesn’t drool, but they do like to dig if they are given the chance.

To find a reputable breeder, it’s highly recommended you check the official Leonberger Club of America’s website search.   You can also find reputable Leonberger rescues on this page. says you shouldn’t buy this breed if you don’t want to share your home, if you don’t want to spend the time to train your dog, if you are a fastidious housekeep or if you don’t like daily exercise.

These dogs love to be around their owners, and if they are left alone, they can tend to get bored, leading to a lot of digging, chewing, barking and destruction.

How can I save money?

Consider checking with a local rescue group or Humane Society.  While they may be hard to find, it doesn’t hurt to check since adult dogs can often be adopted for as little as hundred dollars or so.

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