How Much Does a Leyland Cypress Tree Cost?

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Last Updated:  August 15, 2018

The Leyland cypress tree is a type of fast-growing evergreen tree used primarily for hedges and screens.  This tree is very easy to take care of and is known to grow up to 50 feet in 16 years, even on sites that offer relatively poor conditions.  The cost of a Leyland cypress tree will depend on the age of the tree, the height of the tree and the nursery that is selling it.

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leyland cypress (formerly misnamed cedar” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by bitmask

How much does a Leyland Cypress tree cost?

On average, a Leyland Cypress tree will cost anywhere from $5 to $160. 

A 4-inch tree shipped with a pot, for example, can retail for $4 to $8 online.  A slightly taller tree, around 2.5-feet, can retail for $15 to $30, while trees in the three to four feet range can cost $40 to $65.  A tree six feet or larger tree can cost anywhere from $85 to $160+.

At Lowe’s, for instance, a 2.25-gallon Leyland Cypress retails for about $25., another nursery that lists its prices online, sells this tree for $25 to $100, with trees ranging one to six feet in size.

SizeAverage Price
1 to 2 feet$20
2 to 3 feet$40
3 to 4 feet$50
4 to 5 feet$80
6 to 7 feet$125
8 to 9 feet$200
10 to 12 feet$350

Leyland Cypress overview

A Leyland Cypress Tree is one of the fastest growing trees on the market today, growing up to five feet per year.   The tree will cap out at about 50 feet and will take close to 15 years to reach this point.

Within a few years, these trees can provide a natural privacy fence.  They will require little to no pruning or shearing.

The tree is soft to the touch and stays green year around, no matter where the tree is planted.  With dark, lush green leaves and a pale yellow underside, some people say it almost resembles a pine tree from a distance.

Trees purchased online or in a nursery will come equipped with a pot filled with natural gardening soil.

What are the extra costs?

Leyland Cypress trees can be planted easily for continuous growth.  If you want a professional gardener to plant the trees for you, there will be an extra fee.  Depending on the size, these fees can range anywhere from $30 to $100, or by the hour, which can range from $50 to $85 per hour.

Whether you purchase a tree at a local nursery or online, the seller may have an option to have it delivered either at no extra charge or for a minimal fee if you don’t meet the nursery’s minimum.  If purchased online, additional shipping fees will apply, especially for trees larger than five feet since it will have to be shipped via a freight option.

The tree will grow best with a regular fertilizer, especially during its first few years.  When selecting a fertilizer, however, make sure it’s designed for evergreen trees and has the right balance of nutrients for the best growth.  When fertilizing, do so in the spring and in the middle of the summer.  A good evergreen fertilizer should cost about $5 to $15.

Mulch is highly recommended, especially if you live in a dryer climate as it will help keep the soil cool and retain some of the moisture.  Shredded bark is the most common choice and should be laid about two to three inches thick around the tree only, not the stem.

Tips to know:

These trees tend to average at least three feet in growth every year.  If considering this type, be sure to have the right amount of space.

These trees are great for fast growing hedges, blocking the winds, offering natural privacy and even reducing noise.

Nurseries recommend you plant each one at least five to six feet apart.

The hedges will have to be trimmed at least twice per year, and many owners, according to The Tree Center, make the mistake of waiting until the tree has reached its fullest potential before trimming.  A light clip will help encourage a denser growth.

Water the tree about twice per week during its first month after planting and about once per week during the hotter months.

The tree can be planted any time during the year as long as the soil is soft enough to dig, but do keep in mind most of the growth will happen during the spring months, not during the fall or winter.

When choosing a location, consider either a full sun spot or even one with a little bit of shade.  In the sunnier spots, the growth will be at its strongest, whereas in the shaded spots, the plants will still grow; however, it may appear thinner.

As for climate zones, this tree is recommended for zone five to nine and will grow best in zones six, seven and eight.

It’s known to be disease and pest-free, but if a disease were to show, it would be due to poor growing conditions.

How to plant the Leyland cypress for privacy

How can I save money?

Buying more than three to five trees at once can often lead to a bulk discount as high as 25 percent off.

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