Liberty Warehouse Wedding Cost

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The Liberty Warehouse, located in the Red Hook area of Brooklyn, New York, was constructed in the pre-Civil War 1850s era.

Located on Pier 41 in the historic shipping yards, this venue offers views of both the New York Harbor, the Verrazano Bridge and the rare glimpse of the Statue of Liberty’s facing the venue in the background.

Liberty Warehouse Wedding Cost
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Liberty Warehouse wedding cost

The facility fee, according to sources online, does not exist, but there is an onsite ceremony fee of $1,500 if you choose to have your ceremony on site along with the reception.  Instead, you will be paying a minimum food and beverage fee, per person, depending on the number of guests who plan on attending your wedding.  The minimum requirement for a Friday or Sunday night wedding is said to be 150 guests, whereas a Saturday night wedding is 175 guests.  With all of the food and beverages supplied by the Liberty Warehouse, with the exception of some cuisines, the prices range anywhere from $180 to $250+ per person.  This range, from what we researched, will include the food, liquor, valet parking and washroom attendants.  According to Woman Getting Married, however, the off-peak times, January, February, and March, can be as little as $165 to $200+ per person and the venue, during this time, is said to be much more flexible with the guest minimum count.

One reviewer on the official venue’s Yelp page said she was quoted $250 a guest after the service fee and gratuities, and this was for a Saturday wedding.

What’s included in the fees mentioned?

The fees, from sources online and not confirmed, will include the food, liquor, valet parking, all tables, chairs, linens, china, glassware and all flatware.

The additional fees to think about

Aside from price range mentioned above, additional fees can add to the prices above, increasing the costs.  This includes a 20% administration charge, $7.50 per person service package which includes the valet and washroom attendants, a cake fee of about $10 per person, 8.875% tax and discretionary gratuity.  All of this, when added to the price range above, can increase it by more than 30% in some cases.

The venue

The venue offers two large event rooms, namely the Harbor Room and the Governors room, with each equipped with larger windows facing the west for city/water views and two smaller rooms, specifically the Bridge Room, which is designed for indoor ceremony setups, smaller events and/or a cocktail hour.  In every event room, there is a wood burning fireplace.  To view the venue in action, Style Photo New York had multiple pictures of a wedding that was held here.  You can also see pictures of the rooms via the official website.

For a sit-down dinner, they can accommodate up to 400 guests, while a standing cocktail party can accommodate up to 1,200.

Tips to know

The venue does not offer any outside catering, with the exception of kosher or ethnic Indian, but in this case, it needs to be done via an approved outside vendor.

According to many brides who did check out this venue mentioned that it’s best to reserve early as they fill up, especially on Saturdays, relatively fast.

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