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Last Updated:  August 21, 2018

The LifeRoom by Four Seasons, according to the company “isn’t just a room… it’s a total mind-body experience.”

Technologically advanced and said to be perfect for any budget, the LifeRoom provides a gentle breeze and cool mist as the fully automated retractable screens drop to protect you from the sun and from any unwanted eye using its patent-pending features.

Fully customized to your home, regardless of your home’s architecture, the company can transform any dull backyard into a haven that reflects your personal style and can fit any budget.

How much does a LifeRoom by Four Seasons cost?

The official manufacturer of the LifeRoom, FourSeasons, does not note the exact pricing on their official website, with the exception of a tiny snippet at the bottom stating “starting at $9,999, with financing available.” Instead, they ask you to fill out the form with your name, phone number, email address and zip code for more pricing information.  Once connected with a local installer, you can then via a pricing matrix with all of the sizes and options.

While the official website did not specify the price, we did find some third-party sources that shared the price quotes they received, and from the looks of it, the costs would primarily depend on the customizations, the size, the contractor you’re using and features added.  With all of these factors in consideration, estimates can range anywhere from $10,000 to more than $30,000.

Patio Warehouse, Inc., for example, listed LifeRoom projects they worked on via and noted the average project cost in the United States, especially the Los Angeles area, could range anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000.  On that page, you could also check out pictures of past jobs they worked on.

Another review we found via Consumer Affairs stated she received a quote for the roll down screens, recessed lights, mood lights over the screens, motorized mister and electric heater for a little more than $20,000, but this did not include the additional electrical alterations she needed after the project was complete.

As it can be hard to give an exact estimate, we highly advise you use the free quote comparison tool,, a tool you can use to gather quotes from licensed contractors in your area.  Simply describe the type of LifeRoom you want and contractors can help you with a game plan.  No credit card is required.

LifeRoom by Four Seasons overview


The LifeRoom screens, according to the company, are automatic and controlled by a remote control, descending around you with the touch of a button, instantly providing you protection and privacy from the outdoor elements.  Inside, the LED lights can light up the interior, creating a once outdoor space into an indoor oasis, all while in private beneath ambient lighting.  According to contractors, when the screens are shut, you can even project a television onto the screens.

Cool Mist & Soft Breeze Technology

The cool mist and soft breeze technology can reduce the interior of your LifeRoom by more than 40 degrees as the ultra-fine mist disappears, cooling the area around you.  Aside from this, the retractable screen, when closed, can block out up to 95% of the sun’s UV rays, protecting you from the blazing hot sunbeams.  The technology, according to the company, was created by a team of engineers and designers with more than 20 patents to their name.


The company claims the LifeRoom can be customized to any budget and home architecture and is able to adhere to all HOA guidelines.

Tips to know

The standard LifeRoom will take about 10 business days to manufacturer, but in the case of a customized order, it could require additional time.

This FAQ states that the screens come in either white or black, with white being a premium option with an upcharge.

For an experienced installer, it should take two to three days to install.

The LifeRoom only requires a standard 110V power outlet.

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