How Much Does a Lifetime Fitness Birthday Party Cost?

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When most people think of Lifetime Fitness, they think of a gym where you can work out, swim, and take aerobic classes.  However, there are a lot of other services offered by Lifetime Fitness and hosting a birthday party is just one of them.

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How much does a Lifetime Fitness birthday party cost?

Depending on the party package and age range, the Lifetime Fitness birthday party packages that last up to two hours can range anywhere from $150 to $225 for 12 people.  For every additional participant, it will cost an extra $15 to $25 per person.  Refer to this official registration sheet to see the exact prices.

According to a forum member on this forum thread, they were quoted $250 for her 5-year-old daughters’ birthday party.  This package included a bounce house, rock climbing, and two hours of gym time., according to the review written, claimed that you can get a Lifetime party for $275.

Lifetime Fitness birthday party overview

Birthday parties will be designed for 12 or more guests.  Even if you have fewer people than that, you will still have to pay this minimum price.

All parties will include two slices of pizza, a juice box for each child, tablecloths, utensils, a party host and a free smoothie coupon for the birthday child.

Lifetime Fitness will break your party down by the following age categories: under four years old or older than four years old.  Children who are younger than four can have a one-and-a-half-hour party that includes 45 minutes in the gym and another 45 minutes in a party room.  The four and older age group can choose between parties that last anywhere from two to three hours.  The type of party package available is determined by the age of the birthday child.

Party package options

Splash Bash.  This party package includes playtime at the pool for all the guests of the party.  Depending on the location, this may mean access to a water park or just a simple swimming pool.  The pool at Lifetime Fitness always has a lifeguard on duty.  This swim time will include a few organized races and games as well as just free time.

Rock On.  At Lifetime Fitness locations that have a rock climbing wall, there is a party package designed for active, adventurous kids.  The kids will have unlimited access to climbing and games, but will need to have a waiver signed by parents and will have to wear tennis shoes.  All the harnesses and equipment will be provided by Lifetime Fitness.

Lifetime Games.  In their version of the Olympic Games, Lifetime Fitness will put on a series of 10 races and competitions for the kids to participate in.  Each child will receive a certificate when all the games have been completed, with a special prize given to the winner.

It’s My Party.  This package allows the child to choose his favorites.  The options include rock climbing, swimming, dodgeball, basketball, hockey, scooter races, gym time, or anything else they can imagine.

Pre-K Bday.  This party package is designed for children ages four and under and includes organized games and play time in the gym followed by a pizza party.

All Dolled Up.  If you have a daughter who dreams of being a princess, then this is the perfect party package for her.  She and her friends can play dress up, get their nails painted, hair done, and can even make a tiara.

Escape with a Cape.  If you have a son who loves superheroes of all kinds, then there is a party for him, too.  This package will include a superhero obstacle course, the change for each child to make his own customized cape or solve a mystery by completing a secret scavenger hunt.

What are the extra costs?

Lifetime can supply all of the paper plates, cups and silverware for about $20 for the entire party.

A special balloon display can cost $10 to $20.

At some locations, a bounce house can be available for up to $50 per hour.

For swimming packages, an additional $25 per staff member will be required to supervise the children.

Additional decorations can be brought in at your own expense.

A cake will not be included or provided by Lifetime, so be sure to include this in your budget and bring it with you on the day of the party.

Every additional hour, outside of the two-hour window, will be an additional $100 per hour.

Tips to know

Birthday parties are only able to be booked during certain times.  Be sure to talk with your local gym to know what times are available at your location.

Keep in mind that some children may be afraid of the rock climbing wall or swimming part.  Try to see what most of the party likes to do before booking the party.  That way, everyone can be involved with the activities.

How can I save money?

Like any birthday party planning, be sure to compare other options in your area.

Talk with an event coordinator at the gym to find out if they can meet your particular budget.

Try to avoid buying decorations at the gym.  Buying them from a local dollar store of decoration store will be a lot cheaper.

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  1. joseph paid $1200 and said: said:

    food not so good- staff overwhelmed

    Was it worth it? Yes

  2. AJ (Atlanta,  Georgia) paid $175 and said:

    $175 for members ($200) for non-members, for a kid’s pool party. Staff set up tables & food, served cake, & helped clean up.

    Was it worth it? Yes

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