Lightbridge Academy Tuition Cost

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The Lightbridge Academy, formerly known as the Rainbow Academy, is an early childcare education daycare and development center that offers programs for infants to Kindergarten-aged children as well as summer camps for older children.

Established in 1997 with locations in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, these franchised-owned centers create a genuine, caring relationship with every family member, ensuring the education success as well as the well-being of your child.

Lightbridge Academy Tuition Cost
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How much does the Lightbridge Academy cost?

Via the official website of the Lightbridge Academy, they didn’t post the prices, but instead, they asked that you contacted the nearest location to schedule a tour for more information in regards to program offerings and pricing.   Many of the reviews we read online stated you must take a tour of the facility in order to receive a pricing sheet.

And while the Academy did not post the prices, we did find multiple third-party reviews and some news articles that discussed the prices they paid.  Like most daycare centers, the costs primarily depend on the age of your child, the program you sign up for, how long you need the services and the location you choose as each location is independently owned by a franchisee.  With these factors in mind, the costs seemed to range anywhere from $1,200 to $1,500 a month for a full-time program.

We did find one article via the New York Daily News, where a mother said she paid $2,500 a month for both of her boys, which was considered to be $400 a month more than comparable daycare centers in the area. estimates $279 a week based on the average rates of daycare centers in the area.

$1,400 a month for her 15 month oldYelp review for the Clifton, NJ location
$600 a month (part-time)Yelp review for the North Brunswick, NJ location
$950 a month (on a subsidy called ECC) for six month oldYelp review for the North Brunswick, NJ location


According to the center’s official website, the centers use some of the “greatest minds” in childhood education such as Fredrich Fröbel, Howard Gardner, Loris Malaguzzi, Maria Montessori and Jean Piaget, to name a few, bringing all of these minds together to create a curriculum that’s able to impact a child in multiple ways.

All of the program’s lesson plans are built upon the skills a child acquires at varying ages and development stages, in accordance with the theories of Piaget, and as each child gravitates throughout time, he or she is afforded the opportunity the absorb information as they naturally should.  Along with the thinking of Montessori, the center focuses on a child’s development, and as Malaguzzi recommends, all observations made are used to plan for child-led exploration.

Aside from this, the company takes a multi-sensory approach, focusing on all areas of your child’s growth, including STEM concepts, reading/writing readiness, singing, learning the basics of Spanish and American Sign Language.

To learn more about the opportunity to learn at the Lightbridge Academy, refer to the Academy’s official description.

Programs offered


A program designed “all about baby,” the Academy offers infant curriculum, including developing fine motor skills, expressing language via the use of American Sign Langauge, movement skills, building social skills and working on cognitive abilities.


For children aged 18 months up to three years old, toddlers, through the Academy’s toddler program curriculum will learn through play, including creative arts, language/literacy and mathematics, to name a few.

Preschool and Kindergarten

Preparing three and four-year-olds for kindergarten, the preschool curriculum, like the toddler program will focus on crucial developmental areas, such as creative arts, mathematics, science and cognitive abilities.  The preschool teachers are said to be committed early childhood professionals who help your child thrive in various ways.

Summer Day Camp

A fun and exciting program designed for elementary-aged children during the summer months, offering theme camps, with a new theme each week and a safe space to explore, allowing children the freedom to keep entertained.  The Academy offers extended hours from 7 a.m. until 6:30 p.m., options for lunch and a parent eCommunication app, keeping you notified of your child’s progress throughout the day.

Back-up Care

All centers, according to the website, offers backup care for children aged six weeks to 10 years old, allowing you to drop your child off for either one day or for multiple weeks.

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