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Last Updated:  August 22, 2018

Founded in 1971, Lindora, for more than 45+ years, has been helping people lose weights and live healthier lives because of it, according to the company’s “About Us” page.

Rooted in science, Lindora claims to offer a new approach to thinking about how you eat and the way you live, helping you keep the weight off by following the core principals of their foundation:  eat better, move more and stress less.

To date, the company operates more than 35 clinic locations in the Southern California area.

Lindora Diet Plan Cost
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How much does the Lindora diet plan cost?

The costs of the Lindora diet plan, according to the official website, will greatly depend on which plan you choose.  As of this publishing, the company offered three program options:  the Wellness program, which retailed for $1.61 a day, the Wellness Plus program, which retailed for $3.53 a day, and lastly, the Wellness Unlimited program, which retailed for $5.31 per day.  Next to each these price tags, however, there was an asterisks mark, which noted this price was based on a 12-month commitment and would not include the Lindora food, supplements or other services that may be required for the program.

As for as we could see, the price of the products, if considered, would greatly depend on which product you purchase, but the reviews we read online stated the bars, shake mixes or drinks would retail for about $15 to $20 a box, with seven packages, on average, inside.  You can see the official prices for the protein bars, drinks, shakes, protein snacks, meals, supplements and tools on the official store’s website.

All in all, just to start the program for just the membership plan, the prices could range from $587 to $1,938, and again, this would not include the food, supplements and other services required to see results.  Following the programs meal plans and B12 shots, the price could easily double or triple.  A press release on did note a one-time activation fee around $99 to $149 could apply as well.  Keep in mind that only Southern California residents, at this time, are able to take advantage of clinic visits.

A Groupon page that was no longer active stated a six-week program was valued at $633, a four-week program was valued at $503 and the ten-week program was valued at $893.  At the time, the value of these programs would include two weekly check-ins, lab work, an initial health assessment and exam, and a Lean for Life workbook.  Again, this appeared to be active for those in the Southern California area and out-of-town members would pay more.

As for health insurance coverage, the company did note that the cost of some medically-supervised programs may be covered, but it will be dependent upon your individual policy, meaning you will simply want to check with your insurance company to see if your coverage covers a program such as this.  The company did note they have partnered with some insurance groups, such as Blue Cross, that can offer discounts on the programs as long as deemed eligible.  They noted you could either call 1-800-Lindora or your insurance carrier for more information to see if you could save.

Aside from the health insurance coverage, the company also noted, aside from checking your health insurance, to contact your employer as well as to see if any employer wellness benefit plan discounts could apply.  Worker’s compensation, as well, may typically pay for some, or all, of the Lindora program, greatly dependent upon the injury noted.

While the official website noted the average daily rate, it did not include the full picture as most will have to purchase supplements and the meal plans to see desirable results.  On this Yelp review for the Glendale, California location, one person said they paid close to $700 to sign up, while another was quoted $1,000 to sign up, a price that included the lab testing, a book and the entire six-week program, which you would have to check in with daily.

Price paidSource
$700 for 2 months, for "basically a meal plan"Yelp review for the Huntington Beach, CA location
Paid $536 for a 10-week program and another $199 annual fee for the "50% discount"Yelp review for the Sherman Oaks, CA location
Six week program for $400 -- no productsYelp review for the Sherman Oaks, CA location
$1,000Yelp review for the Valencia, CA location
$1,300 to be placed on the programYelp review for the Rancho Santa Margarita, CA location

Lindora diet plan packages

How the Lindora program works

According to the company, their approach, rooted in science, will help you think about the way you eat — and how you live, helping you lose weight, all while not just counting calories.  Founded upon these core principles — eat better, move more and stress less, Lindora believes this approach, with each core principle, will help reprogram your mind, how exercise impacts your moods and cravings, as well as how stress can impact your weight and daily quality of life.

The easy-to-follow program, as per the company, requires no points system, no potions, no group meetings or surgery as the entire program will teach you how to optimize your body’s ability to help lose weight rapidly and keep it off forever.  The uniquely crafted plan can help your body burn fat instead of storing it as part of the company’s ketogenic eating plan, allowing you to eat whole, healthy foods that you are going to “love.”  While the company doesn’t delve into precise details, you can request a free consultation on the official website for more information.

The official website only notes the basics, but browsing at countless reviews, it appeared the clinics would work like this:  they would help create a meal plan, consisting of a protein, vegetables and fruit ratio in terms of the grams of food, preventing you from eating a certain amount each day.  The program also asks you to work out 45 minutes a week and check into your local clinic at least five times a week, where they will log your weight and help motivate you and check your food journal, according to Laura Lohr.  During this time, it appears you would receive a B12 shot as well.  This was a summary via reviews if you were to choose a clinic and your results could vary depending on which option you picked out and the location you used.

It appears once the program is over, there’s an eight-week maintenance program that helps you transition into a healthy eating stage that you can maintain your weight loss.

Lindora product offerings

Protein Bars

The protein bars offered by Lindora are formulated with a ketogenic diet in mind — high in protein and low in carbs.  Popular flavors include chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla, caramel, zesty lemon and cinnamon raisin.

Drinks and Shakes

Lindora offers a variety of drinks and shakes packed full of protein or energy to help increase your metabolism and reach your daily protein goals.  Best-selling flavors include creamy chocolate, creamy hot cocoa, creamy vanilla and blue raspberry protein.

Protein Snacks

These healthy protein snacks are designed to be consumed between meals, offering a high level of protein and low in carbs, helping you make healthy food choices.   Hot sellers, according to the company’s store, includes crispy caramel clusters, thin wraps sesame, mocha wafers and the cheddar cheese double bites.

Healthy Meals

Go-to meals high in protein and low in cars are designed for those who want to stay on track with their meal plan but do not have time to make the meals at home.  Healthy meal options include high protein bread, chicken noodle soup, nacho cheese pasta and maple and brown sugar oatmeal.


The company also offers a variety of supplements to help promote your general health well being such as collagen dietary supplements, potassium and pro-fiber supplements, to name a few.

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