How Much Do Lip Injections Cost?

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A lip injection is a cosmetic procedure that will give you fuller and plumper lips.

With these injections, a dermal filler, such as Restylane and Juvederm, will commonly be used and will be injected in the lips and around the mouth.  Most of these fillers will contain a substance known as hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the body that helps increase the volume in your lips.

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How much do lip injections cost?

Most lip plumping injections will require a single one cc syringe, and the prices will depend on where you live, the doctor you choose and what type of injections your doctor is using.  On average, one syringe should cost $400 to $650.  

In some cases, more than one syringe may be required to see desirable results, which could bring the costs up to more than $1,000 to $2,000 for both the upper and lower lip.

According to multiple surgeons on, they had stated the costs will depend on the product, where you live and your surgeon.  With a pinch more than 50 answers, the average costs were in the $400 to $750 per injection, and these were the averages for popular brands such as Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Emerve and Belotero.

We contacted and/or explored facilities across the United States and included the prices we were given/found inside the table below:

Geographical LocationPrice Quoted
Atlanta, GA$425
Detroit, MI$550
Fresno, CA$600
Green Bay, WI$600
Las Vegas, NV$500
Minneapolis, MN$625
New York City, NY$650
Sacramento, CA$500
Seattle, WA$650
Tallahassee, FL$625

Lip injections overview

Lip augmentation via an injection is an easy and quick procedure and usually only takes about a half an hour.  Since a local anesthesia is used, the whole procedure is relatively painless and you can go home after the procedure ends.  During the process, your doctor will numb your lips and injects the injection into your gums either by using a needle or something known as a cannula.  This procedure, when being done, is just like how a dentist would inject a needle into your gums during a dental procedure.

Depending on your doctor, each one will have their own filler favorite brand, but according to our research, it seems as if most doctors prefer Restylane.  Essentially, however, all brands are very similar, according to the doctors interviewed on   Some brands may be favored due to either the gel-like quality or the volume it may provide.

Directly after the procedure, your lip will be a bit swollen; however, the effects can be noticed almost right away.  After 24 hours, your lips will settle and your lips will appear full for the next six months or so.  If the doctor performs the procedure correctly, then your lips will feel no different than your natural lips.

Once you get home, doctors will recommend icing the area to help minimize and reducing the swelling.  While bruising or a swelling sensation may occur for the next few weeks, it usually subsides after 10 days.

What are the extra costs?

Unfortunately, lip injections do not last forever; in fact, they can only last upwards of six months at most as they are deemed temporary.  Since these are considered temporary fillers, it should be looked at as a sugary-like gel that’s being broken down by the body over time.  If you want to switch over to a permanent solution such as implants, the costs can be in the $2,500 to $5,500 range.  However, if you want to fill your lips once again, then there’s a good chance you will pay that injection fee unless you work out some sort of discount with your doctor.

A consultation may be required before a surgeon considers using the injections.  During this consultation, they will want to learn about the look you desire and what they could offer in terms of injections, commonly by showing you pictures of past patients and their results.  Some may perform the procedure on the same day, while others may have you come back in the future.  Depending on the office billing policy, you may or may not be charged for this consultation.

Tips to know:

Collagen injections, in particular, require a skin test before the procedure can be done.  This test, which is done weeks before the actual date of procedure, will help determine if there is any allergic reaction that may occur.  Once proven the collagen is safe for your skin type, it will then be injected by the cosmetic surgeon.

The procedure, at least according to Cosmopolitan Magazine, is similar to a pinch-like feel and will sting a bit as the hyaluronic acid is being injected.

To avoid a poor botched job, always use a dermatologist, nurse practitioner or a board-certified plastic surgeon.  Highly avoid medical spas who employ professionals with limited medical experience, especially if they are offering a Groupon-like deal.

Complications can occur such as bleeding, infection at the injection site, asymmetry, numbness or an abnormal look.

Lip injections before and after

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