How Much Does a Loblaws Birthday Party Cost?

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Loblaws is a supermarket that is located throughout Canada; however, unlike most supermarkets, this specific chain offers a lot more than the typical chain grocery store — they also offer a highly professional and prestigious cooking school.  This school is the specific part of Loblaws that offers birthday parties as well as other types of parties and celebrations.

Loblaws offers a unique opportunity for your children in their store that involves cooking lessons taught by a cooking professional.

Children are able to decorate their own pizza, cake and even cut out fruit shapes using their customized cutters.  For children who enjoy cooking, this is a party that you may want to consider.

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How much does a Loblaws birthday party cost?

On average, a birthday party at Loblaws is going to depend on the number of children, the age and theme.  Since the company wants a minimum of 12 people, you are going to be looking at a minimum of $18 per child.  So if you had the minimum, you would have to budget at least $215 for the birthday party.

According to, she claimed that as of 2011, Loblaws charges $18 per child, with a minimum of 12 children required to book a birthday party.  She noted that she had 18 children and had to spend a pinch less than $400 for the entire party. states that the average party will cost $18 per child, and if you want a loot bag, plan on spending an additional $6 per bag.  They note that the average party is two hours long and is very hassle-free for the parents.

Loblaws birthday party overview

With every birthday party, you are going to get a specific type of food that each child is going to cook, along with juice, healthy snacks and a large cake for the entire group to decorate and take home.  Each party will be able to have its own theme.

The assistant who runs the party will be able to set everything up, teach the children how to make their pizza or another dish, and decorate their cake.  After the party is over with, this person will be in charge of cleaning the whole mess up.

Loblaws will also include invitations ahead of time.

The themes available

Pizza Party.  This party package is designed for children ages 4 and up and will include for kids to make their own pizza.  This will include all steps, such as stretching the dough, chopping the ingredients and toppings, putting the pizza together, and cooking it.

Mexican Party.  Instead of making a pizza, the children will each get to make a chicken quesadilla along with homemade salsa and a taco salad.

Hockey Party.  Because Canadians love hockey, the hockey party package will combine people’s love for the sport with their love for food.  The menu will include nachos, veggie dip, garlic bread, and hockey puck cakes.

Pasta Party.  In this party package, the kids will work together to make homemade pasta sauce, Caesar salad (which means they also make the croutons and salad dressing from scratch), and garlic bread.

What are the extra costs?

If you want to upgrade the character on your cake, the costs can be extra.

Loot bags are available for $6 per child.  The loot bags include an apron, chef’s hat, spatula and candies.

If you confirm a number of children with Loblaws and end up having more than planned, you will be charged a little extra for those kids.

Tips to know

Since some spots can fill up fast, try to book your party as far in advance as possible.

If you are nervous about having your young child in the kitchen with sharp utensils and ovens, be assured that the attendants from Loblaws will never let your child use a knife without one on one supervision, and only the adults will put things in or take things out of the oven.

Mention to your guests that the kitchen used for Loblaws parties is not allergen free.  If there is a child that has a severe food allergy, it would not be wise to send him to a party like this.

These parties are ideal for those over four years old.

Be sure to bring your own music because they allow you to play it during the party.

To see how the process works in details, took pictures of her daughters’ party.

How can I save money?

With any birthday party, try to talk with a handful of companies in your area that you are interested in going to.  Compare the prices to see if it is worth it to you.

Keep your eyes peeled for any special promotions or coupons that you can take advantage of.

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