Lombardi House Wedding Cost

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Being built in 1904, the Lombardi House, a completely renovated Victorian-styled farmhouse, is located in the core of Hollywood, California.

Surrounded by multiple fruit trees and manicured gardens, this 7,000 square foot home sits minutes away from Franklin Village, as well as everything Hollywood has to offer.

Lombardi House Wedding Cost
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The estimated Lombardi House wedding costs

The costs of a wedding at the Lombardi House, as with any wedding, will greatly depend on the time of the year, the day of the week, the number of guests attending, the package you choose and the caterer you choose.  The venue, from our research, appears to start at $5,000 and will increase, again, depending on the date and package you choose.   This venue fee was confirmed by this Curbed.com article.

Bookings, according to 100LayerCake.com, will be broken into three categories:  6-hour, 12-hour and the entire weekend.  If you book the entire weekend for your wedding, then this means you will have complete access to the entire estate for the two nights, meaning you could have all of your events in one place, ranging from the rehearsal dinner to the ceremony to a Sunday Brunch.  One commenter on this post noted she was quoted $6,000 to $15,000 based on these three categories, but it is uncertain when she wanted to book the venue.

At LoveHappyHour.com, she noted the site fees start at $4,500 for six hours if held on a Monday through Wednesday or $5,500 if held Thursday through Sunday.

As for the catering, the costs will greatly vary as your meal plan can be much different than another couple who had their wedding here.  As the venue does require you choose from an approved vendor from their list, the costs will depend on the meal plan you choose and the inclusions aside from the main menu such as the cocktail hour, alcohol, desserts and so forth.  Most caterers in the Hollywood, CA area will start at $125+ per head and greatly increase from there based on these factors.

The venue options

The entire property is fully gated and enclosed, offering full privacy from the street.  On-site, the venue does offer secure parking for all guests.

The grounds can accommodate up to 250 guests, with couples often using the indoor-outdoor fully transitional restored barn with 35-foot tall vaulted ceilings.  Events can also be held anywhere else on the estate’s grounds.

Additional amenities include a bridal suite/changing room, onsite restrooms, complimentary wifi and valet parking options.

Facts to know

The curfew, as specified by VenueReport.com, is 2 a.m.

Couples must choose from a list of caterers from an approved list provided by the venue.  All alcohol, if chosen, must be served by a licensed server.

Four on-suite suites, which can accommodate up to 28 guests, are available for the couple and out-of-town guests.

This historic home is considered to be one of Hollywood’s oldest homes.

Erin J Saldana had multiple pictures of the venue to offer you an idea of what a wedding could look like if held here.

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