How Much Does Luxating Patella Surgery Cost?

A luxating patella is a condition where the kneecap dislocates or shifts from its natural position.  A dog may have medical problems, such as popping kneecaps, due to their flat patella ridges.  Because of this, the dog may have a hard time moving its legs because of this condition.  As such, your veterinarian may require your dog to undergo luxating patella surgery to address it.

A luxating patella is one of the five most common genetic problems that is found in dogs.

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Three main problems that can cause a luxating patella

  1. The first abnormality that is usually present is a trochlear groove that is too shallow. In order for the patella not to jump out of this tract, the groove must be deep enough to accommodate and cradle the patella as it moves up and down in the groove. Some dogs are born with an abnormally shallow trochlear groove.
  2. The second problem is probably a result of the first. It is a weakened and stretched lateral patellar ligament. Again, although only one knee may appear to be affected, in most cases, both knees of your pet share some degree of this problem.
  3. The third problem occurs when the lower attachment of the kneecap ligament is too far to the inner side of the shinbone or tibia.  This is a frequent problem in dogs that are bred to have exceptionally short legs (like dachshunds). When dogs develop luxating patellas before the tibia has reached maturity, it is also possible for this lower point of attachment to shift inward – throwing off the entire joint alignment.

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