How Much Does Luxating Patella Surgery Cost?

A luxating patella, one of the five most common genetic problems found in smaller dogs. is a condition where the kneecap (patella) dislocates or shifts (luxate) from its natural position.

Because of this, your dog may have a hard time moving its legs because of this condition.  As such, your veterinarian may recommend luxating patella surgery to address it.

Brought little Lucy home from the vet af by thejennyevolution, on Flickr
Brought little Lucy home from the vet af” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by thejennyevolution

How much does luxating patella surgery for a dog cost?

What is going to be included?

IThe patella will manually displace but will return to its normal position randomly. A dog often shows very little comfort and won't limp.
IIThe patella will displace by itself when the joint extends, but it will return to its natural position, again, randomly.
IIIThe patella easily displaces when extending, but in order to move it back into its natural position, help is needed.
IVThe patella is permanently out of place, causing a lot of pain for the dog. Instead of placing weight on their knees, dogs will shift their weight to their forelimbs in order to move around.

What are the extra costs?

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