Lyric Hearing Aid Cost

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The Lyric hearing aid, created by Phonak, is an FDA-cleared device and is said to be the world’s only 100% invisible hearing aid that’s able to deliver clear and natural sound, according to the company’s official website.

Unlike most hearing aids that you purchase outright, the Lyric hearing aids are sold on an annual subscription basis via certified providers and will require no battery or repairs.

Lyric Hearing Aid Cost
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How much does the Lyric hearing aid cost?

According to the official FAQ on the company’s website, the cost of a Lyric hearing aid is only sold through Certified Lyric Providers on an annual subscription basis only, which is currently set by the provider.  In general, however, the FAQ does note the price range generally falls anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000 per year for the pair and Medicare or Medicaid will not cover the costs.   Aside from this, professional fees may apply as well. To find a certified local provider and learn more about the costs of the hearing aid, you can do so by visiting and searching via the “find your local Lyric provider” search.

One reviewer on said they paid $4,400 each year, which is after a $1,800 annual increase, while another said they paid $4,000 a year but decided to stop using them due to the costs.

Multiple commenters on this blog post talked about the Lyric hearing aids in particular, with one commenter saying her one-year subscription cost her $3,600, while another said she was quoted $3,200 a year.  A doctor, who also commented on the post, said you should be prepared to spend about $1,600 to $1,800 per ear.

Another blog post we found online on had more than 300+ comments, with some sharing their costs as well.  On this post, one commenter said her audiologist allowed her to pay $2,800 a year with a $50 co-pay each time a new hearing aid was needed, while another stated they paid $3,145 for the year.

What does the annual subscription cover?

According to the company, the subscription will cover a year of Lyric hearing since each device only lasts up to two to three months at a time.  When it’s time for a new hearing aid, then you will have to visit your provider once again for a replacement device, and estimates provided above will include up to eight replacements for the year.  Do keep in mind that no repairs or battery replacements will be necessary, and if a technology update does become available, this will be included as well.

If you are out of town, however, and you need to use a different provider from the one you initially used, you may need to pay a small fee to replace the device, usually around $100,

What are the Lyric hearing aids?

Lyric, in comparison to the traditional hearing aid, is different as it is 100% invisible to the naked eye.  Once placed, it can be worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for months at a time, even designed for use while inside of a shower or sleeping.  While the device is water resistant, it is not waterproof and should never be submerged underwater.  Unlike many hearing aids, the company says the hearing aid is positioned completely inside of the ear canal in a way to provide natural sound quality, all while staying out of sight.

The hearing aids work leveraging the ear canal’s shape to help capture the sounds and amplify it with minimal processing.  As the sound enters the ear canal, the hearing aid allows the sound to flow naturally to the eardrum, just as it naturally would without the device inserted in the ear.  The result, as per the company, allowed it to become the only device that’s able to provide a crisp and clear sound 24 hours a day for months at a time.

The fitting

The Lyric hearing aid, as mentioned, can only be done via a certified provider, an audiologist, who, just like any hearing aid fitting, will want to take a hearing test to see if you qualify for the hearing aid.  During the fitting, the specialist will also measure your ear canal to determine if you are a candidate for the hearing aid since the hearing aid is inserted into your ear canal for months at a time.  If you are considered a candidate, then the next step is to determine which size fits your ear the best.  Since this device can sit in your ear canal for up to four months, it’s very important for the audiologist to choose the right size for a crucial fitting, according to  When the measurements are complete, the hearing aid is then placed inside of your ear, close to your eardrum.

Since the hearing aid does not require a battery change, you will be asked to come back to your specialist for a simple swap out, where the hearing aid is removed and a new one is inserted.

Who qualifies for one?

The Lyric hearing aids are not designed for everyone, with the company recommending a pair for those who suffer from mild to moderately-severe hearing loss.  Only a certified Lyric hearing professional will be able to assess your hearing levels, medical conditions, ear size/shape and lifestyle to determine if the hearing aid is designed for your hearing needs.

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