How Much Does a Maid Service Cost?

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We all don’t have time to clean.  If you have an office or a home that needs to be clean, a maid service may be needed.

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How much do maids cost?

On average, the cost of maid service will be anywhere from $15 to $25 per hour, per maid.  If more than one maid is going to do the job, then you would take the hourly rate mentioned and multiply it by the number of maids showing up.  For example, two maids at $25 an hour would result in a $50 per hour service charge.

A 1,000 square foot home can cost an owner anywhere from $70 to $175 per job.

A 2,000 square foot home can range anywhere from $140 to as much as $300+.  This will all depend on the type of cleaning needed and how much cleaning is required.

Molly Maid, for example, charges as much as $80 per hour.

There are other services that may charge based on a room.  Three bedrooms could cost $20 each or $60 for all.  These types of pricing plans are ideal for those who only want certain rooms cleaned during a session.  Others may charge on the square footage.

Those who are looking for a one-time cleaning only should plan on paying $200 to $300 per 1,500 square feet.  These one-time cleanings are often done after moving out of the house/apartment or before/after a party.

We called up a few maid services across the country and here’s what we came up with in terms of quotes:

CitySize of HomePrice Per Visit
Atlanta Maid Service3,000 square feet$165 (every other week)
Austin Maid Service1,400 square feet$120
Chattanooga Maid Service1,600 square feet$215 for three hours
Las Vegas Maid Service2,500 square feet$300
Miami Maid Service1,000 square feet$70
Orlando Maid Service650 square feet$85 for one bedroom
Panama City Maid Service1,500 square feet$139 for three rooms
San Jose Maid Service1,000 square feet$300 one-time
Seattle Maid Service900 square feet$75

How the price is determined

The size of the home (how many bedrooms/bathrooms are there?)

How often does the maid have to clean?

Are there pets in the home?  If so, how many?

How clean is your home right now?  If there’s a lot of clutter, it could cost more.

How experienced is the company/individual?

How many people will be cleaning?

Are they going to use eco-friendly products?

Any extra circumstances such as high ceilings or special antiques?

Are allergies a problem?

Your geographical area

Maid overview

With most services, maids will vacuum, dust, make the beds, clean bathrooms, sanitize areas, clean mirrors as well as do other things such as ceiling fans and more. and has a list of what they generally do on a house call.  There is no standard set and will vary from service to service.  Most services won’t wash the walls, the inside of your oven, the laundry or your dishes.

Many services will have premium services such as cleaning walls, washing all the windows in the home and cleaning kitchen appliances.  All maid services will have its own policies in what they deem a premium.

What are the extra costs?

Window and wall cleaning are usually considered premium services.  These usually aren’t included in the typical weekly / bi-weekly plan.

Having pets in the home can bring up the price sometimes.

An oven and refrigerator cleaning can cost $20 to $30 per job.

Most maid services are going to have a minimum cleaning fee that can start at two hours and go up from there.  Travel expenses can be additional depending on how far the maid has to drive.

While optional, it doesn’t hurt to tip your maid if you continue to use them on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Hiring an eco-friendly service can be an additional cost.

Tips to know:

When hiring a cleaning service, be sure to ask if they are certified and insured.  While franchise companies can be a good way to go, many individuals are going to be a lot cheaper since they can bypass the advertising and franchise fees.

Always ask for references.  It’s best to know what this maid has done in the past.  Most good cleaning services are going to either have a waiting list or won’t accept new clients at all.

If you’re going to leave the maid unattended, let them know that you have surveillance.  Even if you don’t, this will prevent them from trying to attempt any illegal activity.

Pros of a maid service:

Peace of Mind

It’s a great feeling to come home and just know that your home is clean.  This is just one less worry.  Highly ideal for those who have larger families, jobs and younger children attending school.

Free Time

Cleaning takes up a lot more time than you think.  By hiring a maid, this could free up hours throughout the week.  The larger your home is, the more you will be able to save in time.

Keeping Things in Shape

By knowing that the maids are coming in, you can be assured that everything will be kept in tip-top shape.  By keeping things clean, you will know that things such as home appliances, toilets and sinks will be in working order.

Cons of a maid service:

Revolving Door

Major maid services will contract out local help.  If you don’t hire an individual, you may find that you could have a new cleaner every few months.

The Job

Some maids are going to do better jobs than others.  When explaining your job, just make sure that you tell them in detail what you want to have done.


Don’t set your expectations high.   The maid isn’t going to get on their feet to scrub the tile with a toothbrush.

How can I save money?

The longer you book service, the more you’re going to be able to save.  Some will give heavy discounts when you pay in advance.

Compare a few companies in your area.  Services such as Home Advisor will allow you to get quotes from contractors in your area.

Find college kids that are in your subdivision.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what they can offer you when they are going to school.  It’s easy to save up to 50% if choosing this route.

Post an ad on local classified ads.  You will be amazed at what people will clean your house for.  Before you let someone in your home, though, it’s best to check their references to make sure that they have a clean background.  It’s also wise to be home at all times when they are cleaning your home.

Major chains will always cost more than an individual.  It’s best to bypass the chains and hire directly in your local town.

Try to talk with at least three companies.  Most will be more than happy to offer a free in-home consultation.

How to save money:

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