Main Water Shut Off Valve Replacement Cost

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As the main water shut off valves age, these parts can start to become clogged with mineral deposits and/or grit, according to, which will eventually start to form slow leaks.

Also, if you’re starting to see drips of water coming through your pipes, even though the main water shutoff is closed completely, it could be the sign of a faulty ball valve.

While the job isn’t that hard to perform or even complicated, the most important part of the repair is to ensure the house water is shut off 100 percent.

Main Water Shut Off Valve Replacement Cost
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Main water shut off valve replacement costs

The costs to replace the main water shut off valve will depend on a few factors, including the location of the valve, how easily accessible it is, where the pipeline is located, how much piping is exposed, your geographical region and the contractor you hire.

Based on all of these factors, the costs can range from as little as $155 to $205 for a valve located inside of your home that is readily accessible with a few inches of free straight pipe on the inlet side to as much as $500 to $800 if you had to call the water company to turn off the water to your home and/or the shutoff valve is deeply buried, requiring the contractor to dig a few feet into the ground to access to the valve.

With a lot of factors, it can be hard to offer an exact estimate, and for that reason, we recommend you check out the free tool,  With this tool, you’re able to explain your job, and with all of the information you provide, local and licensed contractors in your area will provide you with a quote for free.  This saves you the hassle of calling multiple companies to get the best quotes.

According to one plumber on this Angie’s List Q&A thread, a plumber stated he would charge $300 to $400 to install a shutoff, but in some cases, he would charge much more than this, especially if you had to call in the city to shut off the water.

One member on had this very problem and the quotes he researched ranged anywhere from $130 to $380+

Factors that affect the price

Where is the pipe located?  As noted in the factors, if your piping is accessible inside of your home and doesn’t require any sort of digging, then this makes the job much easier for the contractor as he or she can visually inspect the valve and make the repairs without any major modifications.

Who can shut off the water?  If you have to call the city in to shut off the water using a special key, then you should be prepared to spend an additional $75 to $115 on top of the quotes the plumber charges.  However, if the plumber is able to shut off the water without any outside help, then again, this is considered to be a basic job and will require no additional charges.

Is digging required?  In some cases, the shutoff valve can be deeply buried, sometimes up to more than four feet, and if your plumber has to dig deep to access the valve, this can substantially increase your costs by as much as $500, all depending on your local cost of living and the contractor you hire.

Emergency service?  Do you need the service performed after hours?  If so, this could increase the price by more than 50 percent in some cities.

How the main shut off valve is replaced

The first step, being the most important, is shutting off the water where it enters the home, often at the street-side valve.  As mentioned, this can sometimes be done by the contractor, but in some cities, it has to be done by local officials.

After the water is shut off, the coupling nut and the nipple from the old valve is removed in order to install the new valve.

Once removed, the new ball valve, the old nipple (if in good shape) and the new washer is installed, tightened and is checked for any leaks.

Tips to know

Before hiring a contractor, talk with your local utility company to know the specifics to see if your contractor is able to shut off the main water supply to your home.

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