How Much Do Maine Coon Cats Cost?

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The Main Coon cat is quite different compared to your every day domesticated cats.  One of the oldest breeds in the United States, this cat is native to the state of Maine.  Known for its larger bone structure and body shape, the Maine Coon can be found in various colors.   The cat can weigh anywhere from 10 to as much as 25 pounds.

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How much does a Maine Coon cost?

Adopting a kitten can cost anywhere from $400 to as much as $900.  However, for a cat that is capable of being shown at a show, the numbers can get closer to the $1,000 to $1,500 mark.  A kitten with breeding rights will cost even more.  The cost will all depend on the cat’s quality, its markings, color, breeder, geographical location and the inclusions.  Because of this breed’s rarity, you may find many local breeders will have a waiting list.

An older cat that is older than two can cost anywhere from $100 to $300.

What is going to be included in the adoption fee?

Most breeders will include any paperwork, its first shots and a health guarantee.  Spaying and neutering should be included with some breeders as well since they don’t want you breeding their line.

Some adoption agencies will include sample start-up packs, which include everything from toys to cat food.  Your results may vary.

What are the extra costs?

As with any cat that is purchased, many accessories are going to be required in order to ensure that the cat lives a long, healthy life.  Food, litter, toys, scratching posts, and many other things will be required.  Start-up costs for a cat will usually start around $100 to $150.

Most breeders will have your kitten/cat up to date with its shots; however, this doesn’t mean the cat won’t need any other health checkups in the future.  Typical vet visits are going to range anywhere from $50 to $100 for the exam alone.  Annual shots and surprise vet visits all need to be factored in.

If the cat has to be shipped via an airline, this can be an additional $200 to $400.  If a travel crate is required, this can be an additional $50 to $75.

Tips to know:

Common colors can include gray, silver, white, golden and black.  They can come in more than 75 color combinations.

While cat declawing is an option for cats, there are many alternatives such as clippers that can be rather easy to do with a simple squeeze of the paw.

Gingivitis can be a rather big problem for cats.  It’s recommended that toothpaste made for cats is purchased to make sure their teeth and gums stay healthy.

While cats don’t like baths, they can be trained to like one.  Maine Coon cats tend to be rather laid back with their lifestyle.  With their thicker coat, a bath may be recommended every so often to ensure that their hair stays clean.

Before choosing a breeder, always make sure you pick one that’s CFA certified.  If you don’t adopt from a certified breeder, you risk the chance of adopting a cat that looks similar to one.

The average lifespan is 11 to 15 years.

As for temperament, this cat is known to be loving, gentle, independent and adaptable to most surroundings.

This breed is susceptible to the following diseases:  night blindness, hip dysplasia and cardiomyopathy syndrome, a syndrome which thickens the heart’s wall.

These cats are the largest domesticated cat you can adopt.

Adapting to the winter, these cats are known for their longer and shaggy fur coat.  They also have furry and bushy tails which protect them from the cold.

These cats actually don’t meow, but “chirp” instead.

Maine coon cat size comparison

Taken from Reddit, take a look at how large a Maine Coon’s paw is when compared to a normal cat.

Questions to ask your breeder

Do you show your cats?  If so, how often?

Is your cattery registered?

Are there any health problems you’re aware of?

When will I be able to take the kitten home?

Is the kitten registered?

Do I receive a written health guarantee?

Am I able to show the cat in the future?

Am I able to breed?

Have they visited the vet? If so, what has been performed?

How can I save money?

Many adoption agencies have Maine Coon cats that need a good home.  Adopting from these centers can help you save a good amount of money and help a good cause at the same time.

Compare pricing in your local area.  PetFinder can help you find a cat that suits your needs.  By purchasing one locally, it not only gives you the opportunity to look at the cat and avoid potential shipping fees.

Unless adopting an older cat, be wary of breeders who are offering their cats for less than $400.

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