How Much Does the Maketewah Country Club Cost?

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The Maketewah Country Club, a private country club located in Cincinnati, Ohio, provides its members and their families with a vast range of sports and family activities.

How much does a Maketewah Country Club membership cost?

The costs of joining the Maketewah Country Club, as with any country club, will greatly depend on the type of membership you sign up for.  From our sources, it appears the initiation fee is said to be in the $x,xxx~ range and monthly dues can be within the $300 a month range, but these fees, again, cannot be confirmed.  We highly advise you talk to the club directly for more information on official pricing.

The membership options

Regular Golf — Offers full privileges to golf, dining, bowling, full use of the clubhouse and access to the indoor practice facility.  This membership is opened to those older than 40

Intermediate Golf – Offers the same privileges as a Regular Golf membership but is designed for those 36 to 39 years old.

Junior Golf – Offers the same privileges as a Regular Golf membership but is designed for those 21 to 35 years old.

Social – Members can enjoy the dining facilities, access to social events and the ability to rent private bookings.  This membership class does not offer golf privileges.

Non-Resident – Designed for members who live more than 45 miles from the club.

Corporate – Designed for corporations with one primary member and five designees.  This option offers the same privileges as the Regular Golf membership option.

Maketewah Country Club overview

The club offers a finely-manicured, 18-hole golf course, designed by Tom Bendelow and Donald Ross.  To see the holes in detail, the official website offers an interactive slideshow.  This blog post also offers a personal view of the course.

Aside from the golf course, other amenities include distinct dining options, a bowling alley, and an indoor learning center, equipped with a dynamic putting green and four training bays.  Multiple social events are also held throughout the year.

What are the extra costs?

The weekend green fee at the club, according to Golf Digest, is $87 and this fee includes a golf cart.  These fees will only apply to members and guests who don’t have golfing privileges.

As mentioned, social events will be held throughout the year, and most, if not all, will have a fee to participate.

Tips to know:

Maketewah Country Club is recognized as having the largest number of single-digit handicaps in all of Ohio.

Maketewah has been selected by the USGA as the site for U.S. Open qualifying for nearly four decades as per

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