Malibu Rocky Oaks Wedding Cost

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Established in 2003, the family-owned Malibu Rocky Oaks Vineyard is a privately owned 37-acre property located in Malibu, California perched high up on a hill, offering 360-degree views of the nearby Santa Monica Mountains.

Malibu Rocky Oaks Wedding Cost
Sunset Against Santa Monica Mountains” (CC BY 2.0) by JefferyTurner

Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards wedding cost

While the official website of the Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards doesn’t specify the costs of a wedding, we did find a few third-party websites that we able to get in contact with the venue as well as couples who had their wedding there in the past.

According to these third-party sources, such as, the average rental fee, like most wedding venues, will greatly depend on the time of year you want to get married and the number of guests, with the peak months, April through October costing $15,000 to $35,000 to rent the facility, while renting anywhere from November through March can range anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000 to rent the entire facility.   This is also confirmed via a review on as well. Remember, this is just the fee to rent the venue and will not include any additional expenses, which we will delve into below.

This EventUp page notes a wedding fee can be $25,000.

What’s included in the rental fee?

The entire venue is dedicated to one wedding party for the day and is available from 7 a.m. until 2 a.m but is said the venue will not close to the public for a wedding event.  A luxury bathroom trailer, and, if your wedding is held from April to October, parking lot attendants for your guests will be included in your rental fee.  For every 50 guests, the venue asks you to supply one port-a-potty.  Also, the venue will include a bridal suite and a holding room for the groomsmen.

The venue, offering both inside and outside spaces, can accommodate up to 150 outside on the helipad and 180 seated on the poolside patio.  According to the venue, most parties typically start with the ceremony on the helipad, followed by cocktails on the North patio, then a seated dinner on the pool patio.  As the night completes, dancing is held inside of the venue.

Additional costs to consider

Catering:  As you are able to choose from vendors on an approved list, the catering fees will greatly depend on who you choose and what your menu looks like.  Catering, on average, for this type of venue setup, can easily start a $125+ a person.

Security Deposit:  As with any venue, a security deposit is required, which, here, it is said to be $4,000 to secure the date and will be refunded upon completion with no damaged noted.

Cleaning Fee:  WomanGettingMarried does note a one-time $500 cleaning fee does apply to all reservations and will not be included in the rental fee.

Security Guard:  A security guard fee, starting at $300, can increase in price depending on the number of guests attending your wedding.

Wine Minimum:  A minimum wine purchase via the wineyard is said to be about $250.

Tips to know

Coules are allowed to bring in their own vendors as long as you choose from a pre-approved list.  If you choose a caterer on the list, however, WomanGettingMarried does note that they will not be able to use the kitchen on site; instead, they will have to use the garage as a prep space.

To see the venue in action via pictures, this California Wedding Day piece took pictures of Danielle and Jare’s wedding in the past.  More pictures can be found via this post from 2015 as well.

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