Mar a Lago Wedding Cost

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Mar a Lago, a members-only club located in Palm Beach, Florida was purchased by Donald Trump in 1985, referring to it today as the “Winter White House.”

Aside from the private amenities members have access to, weddings can be held on the property via one of the two club’s ballrooms.

Mar a Lago Wedding Cost
Mar-a-Lago Wedding with Donald Trump” (CC BY 2.0) by adagionstudio

How much does a Mar a Lago wedding cost?

According to, the costs to have a wedding at Mar a Lago isn’t available to the public, according to an employee who worked there, seeing it’s a private club, simply meaning the members of the club are given this information.  If you wanted to get married here, you would have to find someone who is already a member of the club or find a member who is willing to sponsor your application in order to get married here as non-members can hold a private event here.  Members, limited to about 500, who are part of the club, are said to pay $200,000 in initiation fees and $15,000 in annual dues as well as a $2,000 annual food and beverage minimum, according to Town&Country.

On the official website of the club, they ask that you call 561-822-5086 to speak with the event staff on site in order to learn more about the venue and how you could potentially plan an event here.

What’s included in the fee?

While the official website of the club doesn’t specify the specifics as to what would be included in your fee; instead, they say they offer a “variety” of services and special features, including:

The venue options

According to the venue, the large Donald J. Trump Grand Ballroom is often the choice for larger weddings, whereas the White & Gold Ballroom is ideal for smaller parties, both of which are the two primary ballrooms accessible on the property.  The 20,000 Grand Ballroom, according to Cosmopolitan, cost $7 million to build and includes gold leaf and gold-plated sinks worth reportedly $100,0000.  As for cocktail parties, most wedding parties often hold it poolside, usually at night.  To see a wedding in pictures, this post provides a variety of pictures at the property from a wedding held in 2015 as does this Sara Kauss Photography page.  The maximum capacity is said to be 250 guests.

As for the resort features, the Mar a Lago club sits oceanside, with access to private beaches, a world-class spa and salon, six tennis courts, a croquet court, fitness center, a Beach Club, pool, whirlpool and a chip and putt golf course.  All of these features, however, are accessible by members of the club and may be limited to non-members who hold a wedding here.

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