MasterShield Gutter Guard Cost

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Gutter guards by MasterShield are said to be the “gold standard,” according to the company, keeping debris out of your gutters while letting the water flow through your downspouts.

With the company’s multi-patented microfiltration technology and strong flexible construction, the gutter guards are capable of blocking any debris larger than half the width of your hair.

MasterShield Gutter Guard Cost
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How much do MasterShield gutter guards cost?

On the official website of the company,, they do not offer exact prices; rather, they ask you to get a free estimate on your gutter guards today via one of the company’s local dealers by filling out a form with your name, zip code, phone number and email address.  Since each job is very unique and depends on a number of factors, it can be hard for the company to offer an estimate.  Keep in mind that if you do fill out the estimate form, you can receive a no-obligation quote from a local dealer.

While the company didn’t offer estimates, we glanced at quite a few third-party websites, which we source below, and can estimate the costs of the gutter guards, plus installation, should be in the $20 to $30 per foot range, but these prices can be much more if you needed additional jobs done such as replacing gutters and/or rotted fascia boards, for example.

The costs of the MasterShield gutter guards, as per, is “comparable to other higher-end professionally installed gutter guards,” but the costs, in total, will greatly depend on the complexity of your roof, the total feet of gutter guard materials, if new gutters are needed and/or if any repairs are required, such as replacing rotted fascia boards, for example.

On Angie’s List, they interviewed a local co-owner of a MasterShield company and he stated they charge around $5 per foot for basic to mid-range gutter guards, but he also noted homeowners should be prepared to pay $20 to $24 per installed foot if they chose a MasterShield-like product.

A poor review on said he was quoted $30 per linear foot by his local franchise.  Another review on the same website said he paid $9,500 but the length was unknown.

How do the MasterShield gutter guards work?

First introduced in 2011, the MasterShield gutter guards are made from a thin yet stronger aluminum frame, which allows the product to conform to all of the imperfections of your home’s gutters, such as warped subroofs, uneven fascia boards and the drop from your home’s highest point to the lowest point at the downspout.  During the install, your local dealer will install the system as close as they can to the existing pitch of your room, allowing the airflow coming down from your roof to work in a way to keep the debris from getting into your gutters at all.  On top of this, the company’s HydroVortex Technology, which is developed to allow the guards to be installed on an angle, allows the water to be pulled into the gutters, even if installed up and down.

The installation process

According to, his installation took two days and consisted of the following:

All jobs can be quite unique, but for most jobs, this is how your install should look, but each dealer, from what we researched, could offer different inclusions and/or do things in a different way.  The same can be said about your current home’s condition.  For example, if your home is newer, then the new gutters may not be required, which, as you can imagine, can bring the costs down.


The company guarantees that your gutters will not clog, and in the case it does, they will replace it or even refund you the cost of the MasterShield product (not install costs) installed on your home, but the company tells you to not stop there.  If the gutters clog causes a damage claimable against your homeowners’ insurance, the company will refund your deductible up to $1,500.  This warranty comes directly from the manufacturer and also transferable in case you sell your home in the future.  To learn more about the warranty, you can do so by visiting the official website.

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