How Much Does a Matinee Movie Ticket Cost?

A matinee movie has been a great money saver for those who don’t want to pay the high prices of an evening movie.  Seeing a movie on a weekday afternoon when the theater isn’t busy is known as a matinee.  Matinee movie tickets cost less than the standard ticket prices, and the movie theaters do this as a way to attract moviegoers to watch the movie during off-peak hours, usually during the afternoon.

Capitol movie theatre by blondinrikard, on Flickr
Capitol movie theatre” (CC BY 2.0) by blondinrikard

How much is it?

Theater BrandPrice for Matinee
Alamo Drafthouse- General: $6.99
AMC- General: $6 to $8
Carmike- General; $5
Cinemark - General: $6.50
Cobb Theater- General: $8
Emagine- General: $6
Goodrich Theaters- General: $7.25
Harkins- General: $8 (adult) / $6.50 (child)
Marcus Theaters- General: $8 to $9, depending on location
3D: $11 to $12, depending on location
NCG Cinema- General: $6
Regal- General: $4
Regency- General: $2
Studio Movie Grill- General: $6

What exactly is a matinee?

What is going to be included?

What are the extra costs?

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Tips to know

How can I save money?

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