How Much Does a McDonald’s Birthday Party Cost?

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A McDonald’s birthday party is a good way to entertain your child’s friends and families without having to worry about cleaning up or prepping food.

From Happy Meals to a PlayPlace, children are guaranteed to have a fun time.

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How much does it cost to have a birthday party at McDonald’s?

The cost of a McDonald’s birthday party will greatly depend on the location, the number of kids attending and which package you choose as every location will have its own packages.  With most McDonald’s locations asking for a minimum of 10 to 15 children to commit to the party, the costs can range from $5 to $10 per child, depending on the package chosen.  The average 10-person birthday party can cost $55 to $100, plus tax.

According to Amy Allen Clark, the founder of, she paid $59.99 for 10 children to attend her son’s birthday party.  The costs, according to her blog post, included ten Happy Meals, party favors, games, cake and ice cream.

On this forum thread at, a mom said she paid $75 for 10 children and it was the smallest party she could do.

A McDonald’s located in San Antonio, Texas, posted its prices online, stating the average price will depend on the party package you choose.  According to their FAQ page, the parties they offer range from $55 to $85, plus tax, and this would include the party supplies and 10 Happy Meals of your choice.

McDonald’s birthday party overview

Depending on the McDonald’s, the average birthday package will include a personal party host, a reservation for up to two hours, a Happy Meal for each guest, invitations before the party starts, a birthday card, hats and a prize bag.

The average party will start off with games for about 30 minutes, followed by serving the food and the cake.  Finally, the presents will be opened by the birthday guest.

The standard party will last 90 minutes.

What are the extra costs?

Some of the party packages are only designed for 10 guests, so if you have more guests coming, you will have to pay for each additional child.  The same can be said about adult meals.

You are able to bring in the cake and/or ice cream for the children, but some locations can provide a cake for an additional fee, usually around $30.  You can also bring any special decorations that you would like to use, with the exception of party hats and goodie bags.  None of these things will be included in the party package and should be budgeted for.

Tips to Know

Not all McDonald’s locations have a PlayPlace or will offer a birthday party.  To find a party place near you, use their official search tool.

Upon confirming a birthday party, most locations will ask for a non-refundable deposit, ranging from $25 to $35.  This deposit will be required in order to confirm your reservation.

Almost all locations won’t shut down the PlayPlace from the public, even though they will rope off the room, making it appear the area is closed.  It doesn’t mean the public can enter, however.

Most locations recommend reserving at least two to three weeks ahead of time.

Outside entertainment is often prohibited.

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