How Much Does a Meadow Club Membership Cost?

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The Meadow Club, located in Fairfax, California, opened for play in 1927, is considered to be one of the premier private golf clubs in all of California.

Surrounded by Marin Country and less than an hour drive north of the Golden Gate Bridge, it is famous for its historical golf course, designed by noted golf architect, Alister Mackenzie.

How much does the Meadow Club Country Club cost?

The costs of joining the Meadow Club in Fairfax, California, as with most country clubs, will depend on the type of membership you sign up for.  With most country clubs, the fee structure will be consistent as it will include a one-time initiation fee, monthly dues to stay active and a mandatory minimum food and beverage spend, which is usually billed each quarter.  According to our research from third-party sources,  the initiation fees are said to be in the $60,000 range and annual fees are north of $5,000, again, depending on the membership.  These fees are considered to be an estimate only and cannot be guaranteed.  Always refer to the official membership department for more information.

This article claimed the initiation fees at the Meadow Club in Fairfax, where equity members pay initiation fees were double of what the Peakcock Country Club, the country club they were referencing within the article, was charging at the time, which was $30,000.

Meadow Club Country Club overview

The golf course, built in 1927, extends 6,611 yards and was designed by Alister MacKenzie and Robert Hunter. states the course has a driving range, pitching/chipping area and practice putting green.

What are the extra costs?

Golf instruction, available for members, can come as an additional fee.  The same can be said for camps, clinics, outings and tournaments.

Weekend green fees range anywhere from $125 to $175.  These fees apply to members and guests who don’t have privileges.

Tips to know

According to the official club’s website, the Meadow Club is the first course in America designed by the renowned Dr. MacKenzie.

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