How Much Does the Measles Mumps Rubella Vaccine Cost?

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The measles mumps rubella vaccine, also known as the MMR vaccine, improves an individual’s immunity to measles, an infection in the respiratory system caused by a virus and is characterized by fever and the three Cs:  cough, coryza and conjunctivitis.  Known to be a highly contagious viral disease, it has the potential to become fatal if not taken care of.  The measles virus is known to cause fevers, coughs, pink eye and rashes, while mumps can cause headaches, leading to deafness, painful swelling or even meningitis.  Rubella, which is also known as the German measles, can cause fevers, rashes and even arthritis.  If a pregnant woman were to get it, she could miscarry or see serious birth defects.

This vaccination is part of any child’s normal vaccination schedule and will often be included in your child’s well visits.

The price of this vaccine depends on the medical facility where it will be administered and where you live.

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How much does the MMRV vaccination cost?

On average, the MMRV vaccination can cost anywhere from $58 to as much as $155+.  For those who have health insurance policies, check with the policy to learn more about your coverage as it may be covered 100 percent.  Medicare will cover it as it’s 100 percent part of Part D and the Advantage plans.  For those outside of Medicare, plan on spending anywhere from $0 to $65 if you were insured.  These are the prices for the vaccination only and won’t include a doctor’s office visit fee if you were to visit your local doctor’s office.

According to the site, the price for the MMR vaccine can range anywhere from $67 to $190.  Two of the most common brands includes M-M-R®II and ProQuad®.

The Minute Clinic located inside CVS stores administers this vaccine and states the prices start at $75.


MMRV vaccination overview

The measles vaccine will protect the recipient from measles and will be a two-dose series for children and as one dosage as an adult.  The first dosage is usually given at 12 months old and is highly recommended as a childhood vaccine since it is recommended to enter schools in most states.  The second dosage will be administered at four to six years old, but as long as it’s at least longer than 28 days from the first vaccination, there shouldn’t be an issue..

What are the extra costs?

If the vaccination is done at a local doctor’s office, your visit to the doctor can result in an additional minimum office visit fee, usually around $50 to $100.

Tips to know:

If you’re finding that you’ve had an allergic reaction to the first shot, it’s imperative that you avoid any other shots in the future.

Common side effects that can occur after this vaccine has been administered can include high fever, bruising, vomiting, weakness as well as problems with various body functions.

Adults, who were born before 1956 and didn’t get the MMR vaccine should highly consider getting this vaccination.  If you’re unsure if you have ever received this vaccination, then you can either check with your local health department or doctor’s office for an official record.

How can I save money?

The measles vaccine will most likely be covered by your insurance provider.  You may want to check with them if they will cover the cost partially or in full.  Again, this will depend on your insurance policy.

Check with local health departments in your local county to see when they give out the shots.  This is a great way to get the shot for a lower price or even for free if you meet certain income requirements.

Merck, the provider of this vaccination, has a program called Merck Helps.  This program is available from local and state governments, and it’s designed to help you get the drugs at a reduced cost if you meet certain income requirements.

Going to a local pharmacy can be much cheaper than going to your doctor’s office; however, if your child is due for this vaccination, your doctor will more than likely include it in your child’s wellness visit, which should be covered 100 percent by your insurance.

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