Medusa Piercing Cost

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The Medusa piercing, also referred to as the philtrum piercing, is located on the top of your upper lip, slightly under the nasal septum.  Usually, most choose to use a barbell as a jewelry piece, however, some also opt for what’s known as a jestrum, where a curved-like barbell is used in a way that both of the balls are visible in the upper lip area.

Medusa Piercing Cost
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How much does a Medusa Piercing cost?

The costs of a Medusa piercing, as with any piercing, greatly depends on the professional you hire, they type of Medusa piercing (double vs. jestrum),  your geographical region and the type of jewelry you buy.  Based on these factors, most costs, from what we researched, could range anywhere from $45 to $90 for both the procedure and a simple barbell piece., for example, states the average piercing will greatly depend on your piercer’s expertise, with most prices ranging anywhere from $40 to $85.

Halo Precision Piercing & Jewelry, a body piercing shop located in Phoenix, Arizona, for example, listed the prices on their website, stating a Medusa piercing would cost $25 for just the piercing.  With jewelry not included, the costs would depend on what you choose as well as what your anatomy would allow.

Types of Medusa piercings

Double – The philtrum area is pierced two times, with one puncture under another and the opening located above the upper lip.  Those who choose this option often use two identical studs.

Jestrum – Also referred to as a Jestrum piercing, this type of piercing is a single performation, which goes directly into the lip, allowing both sides of the jewelry to be visible — one inside the center of the lip and the other just above it.

Is it painful?

Since the Medusa piercing actually penetrates a part of your face, some find it quite painful as multiple layers of your skin tissue needs to perforated to complete the process, and while everyone has their own pain tolerance, most feel some sort of discomfort, but the “amount” of pain, again, depends on how well you tolerate needles in general.  After the piercing completes, the pain usually subsides almost immediately once the barbell has been inserted and locked into place.  After you leave, some discomfort may be felt for the next few days as the piercing heals itself but usually, after a few days, the pain should fade away.


On average, healing can range anywhere from as little as six to more than 10 weeks, but this healing time will greatly depend on how well you take care of the area after you leave.  As long as you follow the aftercare instructions, the healing process should be as little as six weeks, however, if you ignore these instructions and an infection was to form, then the healing time could be much greater.


Like all piercings, you will be asked to use a saline solution to clean the outer portion of your jewelry, about two to three days, and to clean the inner part of your piercing, you will need to rinse your mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash twice a day until your piercing has completely healed.

Always make sure you wash your hands before handling your piercing and never pick at the crust that forms around the piercing as this can cause an infection to occur.

Try to avoid smoking as much as possible, especially during your first week of healing and always try to eat and drink as carefully as possible to avoid any sort of irritation.

Medusa piercing jewelry

Generally, the most popular option is a 14-gauge stud, often made of gold, steel or titanium, all of which are materials that lessen the chances of an infection.  Other choices, however, may include a smaller stud or ring.  To see the most popular options on, for example, you can view the full list here.

Tips to know

If you plan on going through with the piercing, experts highly recommend you brush your teeth and gargle thoroughly with an antiseptic mouthwash before your appointment to ensure the area doesn’t infect the area during the procedure.  Treat it as if you were going to a dental cleaning.  While your piercer will clean the area with alcohol and use gloves while holding the inside of your mouth, this added layer of protection can greatly reduce your chances of any infections performing.

By chance, if your piercing became infected, then the area will start to swell, come red in color, be painful to the touch and/or you may see some pus discharging from the pierced area.  If you notice any of these signs, do not ignore them and seek medical attention immediately as these infections can increase the severity of the situation.

If you decide to remove the piercing, a scar will form, but the size of the Medusa piercing scar will depend greatly depend on your circumstances since your age, race and skin elasticity can all play a role.  Some may see a smaller-than-average scar, if nothing at all, while others, specifically for those with a larger gauged piericng, may notice a darker-like pigmentation over the months after the jewelry was removed.

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