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Meijer Optical, wholly owned by U.S. Vision, is located in select Meijer stores, offering a variety of professional vision services and eyeglass/contact selection from top brands such as Harley Davison, Michael Kors and Guess.

>Meijer Eye Exam Cost
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How much does a Meijer Optical eye exam cost?

The costs of an eye exam at your local Meijer Optical will depend on a few factors, including the type of eye exam needed, your health insurance policy and the current promotion being held as the company does hold promotions quite often.  Based on these factors, we found the costs of an eye exam at Meijer could range anywhere from $45 to $65 for a basic eye exam to as much as $99+ for a contact lens fitting exam.  This will not include the costs of any eyeglasses/contact lenses as this needs to be considered as a separate cost.  These price estimates are deemed to be just that — an estimate based on third-party information.  For exact prices, contact your local Meijer Optical center for more information.

According to one reviewer on Yelp for the Evergreen Park, Illinois location, for example, she had said she paid $45 for son’s eye exam.

In the past, while it’s sold out now, on, Meijer offered a $39 eye exam and $200 credit toward prescription eyeglasses coupon, said to be a $255 value.

Does Meijer Optical accept insurance?

According to the company’s official website, they do accept “thousands” of vision care plans, including EyeMed, Aetna, Superior Vision, VBA, Davis Vision, Spectera and Avesis, to name a few.  The fine print, according to Meijer Optical, states that for the frame allowance, contact lens allowance and eyeglass lens coverage will vary on the plan, but for most vision insurance plans, most plans will cover up to $130 on contact lens supplies or eyeglass frames, while standard eyeglass frames will be covered at 100% most of the time.  To know if your vision insurance plan will be accepted, the company does ask you contact your nearest store to speak with an optometrist on site to know for sure.   To know what your vision insurance plan will cover, it’s best to call your vision insurance company directly or visit their official website to see if you can find a pricing database that may explain what you’re responsible for.

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