Mercedes Benz Service B Cost

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Last Updated:  August 13, 2018

Mercedes Benz Service B, also known as Flex B or Schedule B, is a service interval in the Mercedes Flexible Service System, and as a Mercedes Benz owner, you will need to perform this service when the service indicator alerts you the service is necessary, typically at every 20,000 miles.

Mercedes Benz Service B Cost
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Mercedes Benz Service B cost

The cost of the Mercedes Benz Service B will depend on the dealership you choose, your geographical location and if you’re taking advantage of any promotions.  With so many people sharing their costs online, we were able to determine that the costs could range anywhere from as little as $400 to more than $1,000, regardless of the model, whether it was a c300 or e350.  Most people, who did share their costs, highly recommended calling various dealers as the prices would vary.  Some even recommended checking out reputable local mechanics who have experience with your Mercedes Benz model.

Be sure to look at our table below for the prices people paid, along with the source of that information, at their local dealership:

Prices found online...
Quoted $500SOURCE
Quoted $1,550SOURCE

NOTE:  These prices can greatly increase if the technician were to find additional problems during the inspection.  Some dealers may even recommend system service at certain intervals, which could include a brake fluid service, coolant service, transmission service and air condition service, to name a few.

What is included in the Service B schedule?

The Mercedes Benz Service B checklist below will adhere to all required elements listed by the model as indicated by Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Systems.





NOTE:  Depending on the mileage on your vehicle, the dealership may recommend additional maintenance items, which may include flushing the brake fluid, draining and refilling the coolant, changing the transmission oil and/or recharging the air conditioning system.

Tips to know

Mercedes Benz Service B is designed for MY09 models (1998 and newer) and newer and should be completed when your vehicle reaches its first 20,000 miles and every 20,000 miles thereafter.

As this is a common service, check out your local dealership’s website before going to the service department to see if any specials/coupons are available.  Looking around, we were able to find $40 and $50 off coupons that you could print online.

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