How Much Does a Merion Golf Club Membership Cost?

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Founded in 1896, the Merion Golf Club, which is located in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, is considered to be one of the most popular courses in the United States today.

The club’s legendary course has been the site of more USPGA tournaments than any other in the nation.

Known for being one of the first golf clubs that allowed women, it is still known to have one of the best women’s amateur teams in the area.

The Merion Golf Club offers more than just a championship golf course, however; it also offers a community and tradition that is unparalleled.

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How much does a Merion Golf Club membership cost?

According to the Golf Digest, the one-time initiation fees are said to be in $70,000 range, while the annual fees are said to be in the $6,000 range, according to Philly Mag.  The annual food minimum is around $600.

In order to become a member, however, a potential member must be recommended by one member and seconded by another.  They must also be interviewed by a member of the membership committee as well.

Merion Golf Club membership overview

The Merion Golf Club is located in Haverford Township in Pennsylvania.  The club has two courses: the East course and the West Course.  The course features more than 6,400 yards of golf and has a course rating of 72.9.  The East course has been used for the US Open five times and continues to remain on the top of the list for the PGA tour courses.

As a member of the Merion Golf Club, you have access to all parts of the club, including the restaurants, driving range and pro shops.  You will also have the opportunity to participate in many member exclusive events.

Tips to know

The Merion Golf Club is committed to tradition, so if you are planning to go there, you follow strict guidelines.  For example, hats, caps and visors worn by gentlemen should be removed while they are inside the dining terraces or in the Clubhouse. Gentlemen are also asked to have their shirts tucked in at all times. Bermuda shorts are permitted for men and women.  Knee length is preferred for both men and women, not to exceed three inches above the knee, and golf skorts and skirts not to exceed four inches above the knee.  Refer to the link to know the limitations while at the club.

Cell phones are only allowed to be used in your vehicle.

Shoes must be changed in the locker room, not outside the building or in the parking lot.

Merion is a walking golf course.  Carts are only given with written authorization from a doctor due to a medical condition.

If you want to avoid the crowd, prefer to play golf during the fall and winter months.  This is considered to be the off-peak season.

The average member age is around 45 years old.

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