How Much Does a Michaels Birthday Party Cost?

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Michaels is a chain of craft stores that sell items such as frames, paints, shirts, artificial flowers, and any other craft supply you can think of.  However, Michaels is more than a craft store.  It offers a children birthday parties where a store member can help the group create a craft in a classroom setting.

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How much does a Michaels Crafts birthday party cost?

The cost of a birthday party at Michaels is going to depend on the number of children and the type of craft you want to do.  Depending on the type of craft, plan on spending anywhere from $5 to $10 per child and a $50 booking fee, or if you choose the birthday package, it will be about $120 for eight children.

On Michael’s official website, they offer a “themed party” for $120 with supplies included for up to eight guests, including the birthday child.  Any additional guest will be charged $10 each.  If you want to design your own party, then the costs would be a flat $50 booking fee and supplies will not be included.

According to the author at Yahoo! Voices, she was able to secure a party for her daughter for less than $7 per child.  Her project included the t-shirt, fabric markers and glitter paint.

This article claims that the average Michaels birthday party will have a $50 booking fee and up to $12 per person for a craft. was able to throw a party for 15 people and paid $105.

Michaels Crafts birthday party overview

Before the party begins, you will schedule a time with an employee to pick out a date, time, and project that you want to build.  The most common projects are t-shirts or other articles of clothing (hat, apron, etc.), painting, pottery, or making jewelry.  Other options for projects include dolls, a birdhouse and picture frames.  At this time, if you need to purchase the supplies, you will need to buy them for the day of the party.

Included with every party will be the invitations, a keepsake apron, party setup, cleanup, thank-you notes, and a goody bag for each guest.

During the party, an employee will show the party how to build the craft step-by-step.  Before the party begins, you will be walked throughout the store to pick out the necessary supplies to create your craft.  This way, each girl can pick out her own color t-shirt and supplies for the project.

Some stores will offer a coupon for each guest to use once the party is over.

The average party is going to last two hours.  However, if there are more than 12 guests it may take longer; if there are less than 6, it may be shorter.

What are the extra costs?

Michaels does not include any decorations, balloons, food or drinks.  While you are more than welcome to bring this, you are going to have to budget for any necessary supplies you want to bring to the room.

Michaels does offer a colorful balloon bouquet for an additional cost.  They also offer face painting for an additional $25.

Tips to know

Michaels does allow you to bring in any food to the party, so be sure to take advantage of this.  However, you should think about the project you are doing and the timing of the food and drinks.  You do not want to take the chance of ruining the project if something gets spilled.

The average age that takes advantage of the party is anywhere from 5 to 10, but there’s no age limit.

Consider bringing in a plain cake or cupcakes because the store does allow you to decorate everything in the store.

Talk with your local Michaels to book as early as possible.

Most classrooms can comfortably fit 10 to 15 children.

If your child really enjoys this kind of thing, consider signing her up for a regular class instead of having a birthday party here.  This might be money better spent since she will learn more in a classroom setting than she would in a party setting.

How can I save money?

If you compare a Michaels birthday party with party prices at other stores and establishments, you will see that it is actually one of the cheapest.  At many other places, you will be paying around $15 per child.

Every project is going to vary with pricing.  Talk with an associate ahead of time to see what crafts are going to fit your budget.

Keep your eyes peeled for any sort of special promotions or sales.

Book the party during less busy times, such as a weekday or weeknight.

Keep the food and drinks to a minimum.  When sending out the invitations, just mention drinks and snacks rather than a full meal.  The guests will be busy most of the time anyway, so little finger foods might be better and cheaper.

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