How Much Does the CVS Minute Clinic Cost?

The Minute Clinic is a walk-in clinic that can be found within many CVS pharmacies across the United States.  While not every CVS has one, the ones that do can provide exams, physicals, vaccinations and even offer to monitor your health.  The cost of visiting this clinic will depend on the reason for your visit and your insurance provider.

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How much does the CVS Minute Clinic cost?

CategoryAverage Price
Minor illnesses$89 to $129
Minor injuries$89 to $129
Skin Conditions$89 to $129
Wellness & physicals$30 to $129
Screenings & monitoring$59 to $99
Vaccinations & injections$29 to $240
Travel Health$59 to $149
Women's Services$59 to $109
In-clinic labs & tests (only available in conjunction with services mentioned above)$25 to $40

NOTE:  These averages were taken from the official CVS website and may change at any given time.  Please use this guide as an estimate only.  These are prices for those without insurance.

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