Miracle Method Cost

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According to the company’s official website, the Miracle Method is said to be the largest bath and kitchen refinishing company in the United States.

Today, the company boasts more than 140 franchises, all of which specialize in repairing and restoring all types of ceramic tile, countertops and tubs.

Miracle Method Cost
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How much does the Miracle Method cost?

The official Miracle Method website does not specify the specifics of the actual costs; rather, they state the average full bathtub replacement can cost well over $3,000 in labor and supplies, but with their method, they could help you save up to 75%.  An older blog post we found on the website said the Miracle Method generally can cost $500 to $650 to restore a tub or about $1,000 to $1,200 to refinish both the tub and the tile surround, which, according to the company, is about 30 to 50 percent cheaper than the typical bathtub liner system.

While the official website didn’t note specifics, we did find quite a few people online who did share their costs, all of which we include in our table below.  To budget, the costs, in the end, will depend on the type of job, the scope of the project and the contractor you’re working with.

Price Paid/QuotedSource
$1,700 for a new tub and surroundYelp review for Sacramento, CA location
$1,600 for new shower surroundYelp review for Sacramento, CA location
$475 for bathroom tub resurfacing onlyYelp review for Sacramento, CA location
$675 to repair cracks and corner fixes in shower surroundYelp review for Sacramento, CA location
$600 to repair "Victorian iron sink"Yelp review for Campbell, CA location
$700 to refinish old fashioned cast iron tubYelp review for Campbell, CA location
$2,000 for entire shower stall refinishYelp review for Campbell, CA location
$1,595 for bathtub refinishYelp review for Clearwater, FL location
$2,500 to refinish two tubs and three vanity topsYelp review for Portland, OR location
$1,000 for bathroom remodelYelp review for Tempe, AZ location
$1,600 to refinish tub and vanityYelp review for Tempe, AZ location

On this DSLReports.com forum thread, for example, the member talked about his experience with Miracle Method, even providing before and after pictures.  According to his post, he paid $500 for the entire job, including the chip repair.

What is the Miracle Method?

According to the company, the Miracle Method can refinish any of your kitchen and bathroom fixtures, allowing it to sparkle like new again.  Whether it’s changing the outdated colors for a more modern look or repairing structural damage, such as broken or cracked fiberglass or porcelain, the Miracle Method is able to transform your room for a fraction of a full remodeling job.  The company doesn’t drywall, paint or any sort of carpentry work; they simply “refinish.”  All Miracle Method locations are locally and franchised owned with estimates readily available as long as you live inside the company’s local zone.

During the restoration process, the company’s proprietary non-acid bathroom tub refinishing process is guaranteed to help restore just about any surface.  The first step, a two-step cleaning process, removes any soap scum, mineral deposits and/or body oils.  Next, after the cleaning completes, any chips and/or cracks visible are then repaired.  Following the chip and crack repairs, the company’s proprietary bonding agent, MM-4 is then applied to make sure there’s a strong bond between the older surface and the new finish being applied.  As the last step, the contractor using a fine-finish spray to apply the acrylic coating.  To see the finished product, refer to the company’s official photo gallery.

This refinishing method, as per the company, can last up to 15 years or more as long as you take proper care of it and follow the guidelines recommended by the tub manufacturer.

Miracle Method options

Bathtub refinishing

The Miracle Method, inside of a bathroom, will help restore any cracks or ships to restore a surface to look and feel like new again, saving the average consumer up to 75% in comparison to a total replacement.  The Miracle Method can restore bathtubs, tile surrounds, showers, vanities/sinks and even install Easy Step, which is a product designed to help prevent any slips or falls.

For bathtub types, the company can refinish the following types: acrylic, cultured marble, clawfoot tubs, fiberglass and porcelain.

Ceramic tile refinishing

The ceramic tile refinishing process can help reproduce the look of the original tile.  The Miracle Method uses specialized equipment, bonding agents, top coats, clear finishes and a primer, creating a durable gloss in comparison to a painting job.  During the process, the tile surface is cleaned, the chips/cracked are filled and then, the grout receive a new, thin coat to make sure all of the grout lines are evenly filled.  As for the finished loo, customers can choose from more than a dozen colors, including the company’s popular Natural Accents™ process.

Countertop refinishing

Like the bathtub refinishing process, the company can repair and restore an existing countertop, whether it’s inside the bathroom or kitchen.  Almost all surfaces, according to the company, can be refinished, including most cultured marble, tile, Corian, Formica, Wilsonart and multiple laminate counter types, with more than 12+ colors to choose from, including a stone-like look.  A refinished counter through the Miracle Method can last more than 10 years with the proper care.

Miracle Method complaints

The majority of the complaints we witnessed online, specifically this ViewPoints.com post, included the following:

Remember, your results may vary as each location and situation is unique.

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