How Much Does a Mission Inn Wedding Cost?

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The Mission Inn, located in Riverside, California, is sprawled out on more than 1,200 acres, the resort features 190 guestrooms, three restaurants, two lounges, tennis courts and more.

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How much does a Mission Inn Riverside wedding cost?

According to, the official website of the venue, the cost of a wedding ceremony depends on what time and day the event will take place.  For example, if the Mission Inn wedding is held anywhere from Monday through Thursday, the expected cost is $1,000; however, on a Saturday, it is from $1,600 to $2,800 and an estimate of $1,200 to $1,800 for Fridays and Sundays.  This is the ceremony fee alone and will not include food or anything else.

For food, plan on spending at least $52 to $99 per person, and this fee will all depend on the type of food that is going to be served.

As per, the catering cost is on top of the minimum rental fee.  The usual cost for catering is at $99 per person.

One user on Yahoo! Answers attended a wedding here and claimed that the entire wedding cost around $30,000.

Mission Inn Riverside wedding overview

For the ceremony, the package would include the following: a ceremony guide, tables, chairs, complimentary stay for two hours for bride and groom on the wedding day itself, two hour rental at the venue, either in the Chapel, Courtyard or Rotunda, overnight accommodation for bride and groom, and overnight free parking.  The candles, rose petals for aisle use and a sound system is also included in the package.

The chapel ceremony package can accommodate 152 guests, while the courtyard can accommodate up to 170 attendees.  The rotunda, on the other hand, can cater to a maximum of 90 guests.  Ceremony venues include the St. Francis of Assisi Chapel, St. Cecilia Chapel and The Court of the Orient.

All wedding reception packages would include the following: five hour use of the ballroom (including the dance floor and ballroom set up), use of lines, an in-house coordinator (to attend to event questions), napkins, glassware, silverware, cake knife, tables, chairs and complimentary wedding expo for the bride and groom.  There will also be a cheese display, champagne toast, rolls and butter, choice of salad, choice of entrée, brewed coffee or tea, sparkling champagne for the cocktail, and a wedding cake.

Wedding venues include the Grand Parisian Ballroom, the Spanish Art Gallery, the Galleria, the Santa Barbara Room, the Renaissance Salon, Ho-O-Kan Room, Mediterranean Terrace and the Atrio Courtyard.

What are the extra costs?

The Inn allows you to enhance your package by adding candles, rail draping, chair accents, rose petals and more.  Packaged in enhanced packages, the costs start at $500 per wedding.

Pre-ceremony drinks and snacks can range from $10 to $15 per person.

During the reception dinner, parties are able to add a chocolate fountain, ice cream bar, coffee station, dessert station or late night snacks.  Each package typically ranges from $4 to as much as $10 per guest.

Premium bars can range from $7 to $20 person.

The packages do not include applicable sales tax, gratuity, and the 20% VAT.

Although the Mission Inn is already a spectacularly decorated venue, you will want to consider having your own decorations and flowers to add your personal touch and color.  You will also want to consider a photographer and videographer to record the events of your special day.

If you want to have a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at the Mission Inn the night before the wedding, this can be scheduled.  The cost will depend on the number of people in your wedding party.

The Mission Inn is also a luxurious spa that can help you and your guests relax before or after the wedding.  Spa services include manicure, pedicure, massage, facials, etc.  There is also a boutique where you can shop for souvenirs, cigars, handbags, resort clothing, and luxury gifts.

Tips to know

The Mission Inn does not allow live bands so to save effort, communicate with the hotel sales manager for lighting and sound arrangement.

Try to book an indoor wedding ceremony during the rainy seasons so your event will not be spoiled and you do not have to pay additional for any tents needed in case it rains.

If you are looking for a photographer or other vendor, you can ask Mission Inn for suggestions.  Hiring someone who has worked this venue before will make the job go more smoothly.

How can I save money?

The bartender fee of $125 is normally waived if sales for each bartender exceed $450.

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