How Much Does a Mission Viejo Country Club Membership Cost?

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The Mission Viejo Country Club, located in Orange County, California, was purchased by John Foster during the Mexican-American war and was later designed by Robert Trent Jones, ASGCA in 1967.

Eventually, the club was remodeled and re-opened in 2008 to help members and the general public enjoy a fun 18-hole golf course.

How much does a Mission Viejo Country Club membership cost?

On average, the Mission Viejo Country Club Membership initiation fees range anywhere between $55,000 and $120,000 and are highly dependent on the membership type.  Monthly dues, again, dependent on the membership type, are around $150 to $600+ per month.  There were estimates found online via previous/current members and can’t be verified, nor are they considered accurate.  All potential members should talk with the club directly for more information.

Memberships at the club, however, on an invitation-only basis, meaning you will need a member to sponsor you and the Board of Directors to approve your application before a member can be formally accepted.

While it is no longer active, the club, in the past, did offer a $55 one-month membership deal on Groupon, which the club stated was a $115 value.  This option, according to the description, offered a member access to all amenities with the exception of golf.

The membership options

Regular – A membership option that includes access to golf, tennis, swimming and all club facilities upon paying the initiation fee.  This option offers full voting rights as an owner.

Financed – A non-equity, non-voting class of membership with restricted tee times and tournament privileges.  After paying a specified down payment, a member can then pay the remaining balance for the next 48 months.

Reserve – Another non-equity, non-voting membership type that includes all amenity options, including the fitness center, swimming, tennis and dining.  Golf privileges are available, however, members can only golf once per quarter at a special rate with practice facility access on the day of the scheduled tee time.

Ambassador – A non-equity membership that offers access to golf, tennis, swimming and all club facilities with a one-year commitment.  After the one year expires, the membership is converted into a Regular membership.  The Ambassador membership has restricted tee times and tournament privileges before converting.

Diplomat – A non-equity, non-voting membership which includes access to golf, swimming, tennis and all club facilities.  This membership will have a lower initiation fee when compared to Equity members; however, the monthly dues and food and beverage minimums will be higher.  This class also has restricted tee times and tournament privileges, and the club, at this time, has a limit of 10 memberships.

Junior Executive – A non-equity membership for members who are younger than 39 years old.  This class pays a lower initiation fee plus reduced dues.  When a member reaches 40 years old and they paid full initiation, then they will become full-equity, full-voting members.

National – Designed for members who reside more than 100+ miles from the club.  This membership class includes golf 48 times per year, tennis, swimming and all facilities.  These members also pay a lower initiation fee and lower dues in general.  This is a non-equity, non-voting class that has restricted tee times and tournament privileges.

The club also offers Corporate and Legacy memberships, and you can read more about the club’s membership options in depth here.

Mission Viejo Country Club membership overview

Golf amenities include the Robert Trent Jones, Sr. designed championship golf course, golf tournament options, a driving range, practice facilities and a pro shop.

Tennis amenities include eight outdoor lighted USTA hard courts inside its 55,000 square foot area, year-round programs, tournaments, clinics and a social calendar of events.

The club also offers multiple dining options, an aquatics center with a heated pool, Jacuzzi and children’s pool, and a fitness center.

What are the extra costs?

Guest fees may apply, depending on the circumstances.

Private lessons, clinics, tournaments and leagues can all incur additional fees.

With some membership options, as specified above, golf fees may apply.

Social events, commonly held throughout the year, may incur additional charges.

A food and beverage fee, as with most country clubs, will apply.

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