How Much Does a Mole Biopsy Cost?

Moles are actually defined as discolored spots on the skin and can appear in different colors anywhere on the body.  Moles are usually different shades of brown or black, and may be raised or level with the skin.  Generally, moles are considered harmless; however, there are some types that can actually be melanoma, which is a type of skin cancer that can be serious if untreated.

If a mole is cancerous, it is referred to as malignant.  Some warning signs of malignancy include irritation, rough borders, asymmetry, and bleeding.  A mole that becomes cancerous is also likely to change in shape, size, and color.  When any of these signs occur, medical attention must sought immediately.  In this case, a mole biopsy is usually conducted, which involves a microscopic analysis of cell specimens from a piece of tissue extracted from the mole.  This biopsy needs to be done in a doctor’s office or lab.  Early detection through a biopsy is crucial in treating melanoma.

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