How Much Does a Money Order Cost?

Money orders are a fast and convenient way to turn cash into a check.  A money order can usually be processed at a variety of places such as the post office, supermarket, bank or even a convenience store.  The post office is by far the most common place to purchase a money order.  A money order is basically a check that is not connected to your bank account.  If you owe somebody money and would like to pay them in cash, this can be dangerous.  Taking a lot of cash on vacation can also be dangerous, so money orders can be used to prevent the chance the money getting lost or stolen.  When you go to purchase the money order, the first thing you will do is specify the amount of the check as well as the recipient.  The institution will then give you a check stub that acts a receipt to prove that you have paid the amount of money recorded on the money order.  The cost of a money order will depend on the store at which you get it and the amount of money that you are going to need.

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