How Much Does a Montage Laguna Beach Wedding Cost?

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The Montage Laguna Beach, located in Laguna Beach, California, overlooks the Pacific Ocean on more than 30 beautiful coastal acres.

Equipped with 248 rooms, this hotel features three restaurants, a spa, outdoor activities, and two onsite pools.

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How much does a Montage Laguna beach wedding cost?

According to, the cost for the venue rental is separate from the catering cost.  For the rental fees, the prices can range from $8,500 to $10,000.  The amount depends on when the event will take place.  When a wedding is booked, a food and beverage minimum will apply, and this will greatly depend on the time of year and time period.  In regards to food, the Montage Laguna Beach recommends that you plan on spending anywhere from $250 to $350 per person on food. supports the same price at $8,500 to $10,000 to reserve the room alone.

Montage Laguna beach wedding overview

The wedding ceremony can be held in either the Gallery or Grand Ballroom.  The Gallery Ballroom is 3,200 square feet, while the Grand is 7,500.  Most weddings are able to accommodate up to 400 guests.

The venue rental includes chairs, tables, and speakers for the musicians, cocktail tables and a microphone.  The venue will also include audio-visual equipment.

Every wedding is overseen by the on-staff wedding coordinating team.  This team has already helped more than 400 people make their wedding dreams come true.  “The team serves as the ongoing point of contact for couples and their families to answer all questions, offer suggestions and ultimately plan most aspects of the wedding, in collaboration with the couple’s wedding coordinator, to reflect the couple’s unique personal style.”

The hotel will also provide a catering service for the wedding reception.  If the party schedules the wedding during the summer, you could expect the following in your menu:  a first course, second course and entrée.  The caterer may always customize a menu based on the need of the guests.

What are the extra costs?

The wedding coordinating team at the Montage Laguna Beach will only deal with details of the ceremony and reception over which they have control.  If you want a wedding coordinator to oversee all of the details of the wedding without exception you will have to hire a preferred coordinator who will work alongside the resort’s team to ensure a seamless wedding event.

The parking is not covered and a charge of $11 per car will apply for valet parking.  Overnight valet parking costs more at $36 per car.

The bartender fee is $100; $150 for chef fee; and $95 each for heaters.

The hotel offers a custom-designed cake at an additional cost of $9 to $18 per person.  If outside cake is served to the guests, then a $6 cake cutting fee will be charged to the bill.  The hotel offers a lot of flavors for your wedding cake.

If the guests plan on staying the night after the wedding, the nightly rate averages $700 to $1,000 per night.

Parties that are held over the allotted time will be charged an additional $750 per hour, according to the official website.

Tips to know

In case you have guests with a specific diet preference, make sure that you take note of it and inform your caterer so that they can prepare what to serve for those guests.

Check out their backyard lawn which is situated on a 50-foot cliff just above the water.  This is considered the best place to get married at this luxury hotel, and you might want your wedding ceremony done here.

Hire a wedding coordinator if you have to in order to have a perfect wedding, and introduce him or her to the sales manager so they can work together to make your wedding a success. gives you 10 reasons why you should stay here.

How can I save money?

If you have a big family, you can save money by limiting your number of guests.

Since this is a luxury hotel, you can expect the price to be quite high; if you feel like the rate is too high for you, you might consider other venues in the area.

Inquire with the hotel if they are offering discounts or promos that you can take advantage of.

Consider having the ceremony at a smaller location, such as a local church, that would be a lot cheaper.  This would cut down on the costs for the Montage Laguna Beach since you will only have to pay for the reception here and not the ceremony.

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