How Much Does an MÜV Fitness Membership Cost?

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MÜV Fitness, as per its mission statement, strives to motivate people worldwide to help achieve results through recreation, nutrition and exercise.

The club, as of today, offers locations in the Colorado, Portland, Spokane and South Carolina areas.

MÜV Fitness Membership Cost
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How much does an MÜV fitness cost per month?

The costs to join muv fitness will greatly depend on the type of training package you sign up for as they have a few to choose from, with bi-weekly prices ranging anywhere from $20 to $75, excluding the one-time joining fee, which, depending on the current promotion rate, can vary from $0 to more than $199.

To break things up and make it easier to read, we included the costs we found from the official website in the table below:

Type of PackageInclusionsReported Costs
5 Classes + Assesment- Personal training in a group-like setting
- InBody Biometrics Scan
- Fitness Assessment
- Access to 5 group classes of your choice
$20.17 (one-time fee)
12-Month Training- 3 fitness assessments
- Unlimited access to 70+ weekly classes
- Open studio access
- Validated parking for up to 90 minutes
$55 bi-weekly with $20.17 joining fee
6-Month Training- Fitness Assessment
- Unlimited access to 70+ weekly classes
- Open studio access
- Validated parking for up to 90 minutes
$65 bi-weekly with 20.17 joining fee
Month to Month- Fitness Assessment
- Unlimited access to 70+ weekly classes
- Open studio access
- Validated parking for up to 90 minutes
$75 bi-weekly with 20.17 joining fee
1-Year Limited Access- Unlimited access to the open gym
- Access to 4 classes per month only
- Option to upgrade for $110 at any time
- 25% off all additional drop-ins
$20 bi-weekly
Month-to-Month Limited Access- No commitment -- it's month to month
- Unlimited access to the open gym
- Only four classes per month
$27.50 bi-weekly

NOTE:  These prices are accurate as of 2018 and should only be used as an estimate only.  Talk with the club for more information in regards to accurate membership pricing at this time.

The process when joining

New members will first begin with an InBody Biometric Analysis System, which will help trainers determine your specific goals regarding your weight loss and muscle gains.  This analysis can help assess the body in segments, using an eight-point system, precisely measuring your body’s composition.  Being the gold standard, according to the club, it holds a 98% accuracy rate.  This customized plan, when created, will then provide you with a customized nutritional plan, exercise routine, supplemental regimen and trainers will hold you accountable for your actions.  All of the trackings will then take place via the company’s 30-day results review as you attend the studio throughout the month, and at the end of these 30 days, you will receive an in-depth analysis on your progress.

Amenities included with a membership

The amenities will vary by location, but most will include a swimming pool, whirlpool, steam room, sauna, basketball courts, racquetball, circuit training, free weights, locker rooms, showers, a kids zone, sun deck, “MUVie room,” hydromassages and tanning.

Studio group classes, up to 70+ offered a week for members, includes Body Vive, Body Flow, RPM, Body Pump, Body Jam, Body Step, XTR1000, Body Attack, Body Combat, MÜV METCON, MÜV Strong, Barre, Zumba, Group Cycling, Yoga, Dance, Pilates, Aqua Aerobics, Less Mills classes and many more.  The classes will vary by location, so it’s best to talk with a local location or visit the location’s official website to glance at their class schedule to see which classes are offered.

Tips to know

Most of the locations we looked at did offer a complimentary 14-day complimentary pass, allowing you to try any of the classes, equipment and even consult with a personal trainer to see if it’s something with your investment.

Many of these clubs often offer heavily discounted deals on  Even at the time of this publishing, the club was offering a one-month membership with two private personal training sessions for $19.50 — a $99 value.

Private one-on-one personal training sessions, like most gyms have to offer, are available for an additional fee.

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