How Much Does the Mysterious Package Company Cost?

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The Mysterious Package Company, similar to that of a subscription box service, allows you to send odd things to your friends and loved ones, ultimately creating a narrative people can experience through mysterious mailings and leave them with some unique props, according to

In a nutshell, it’s an odd gift for any lover of mystical gifts.

Mysterious Package Company Cost
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How much does the Mysterious Package Company cost?

With the official website offering limited information in regards to pricing, visitors have to sign up for an account to see what the experience costs.  Upon signing up, we were greeted with 11 experiences we could sign up for, all varying in prices from $99.99 to $349.99.  Unlike a subscription service where you will pay a recurring monthly fee, this is a one-time experience.

To make things easy, we broke down the costs in our table below, along with the description of each:

The Weeping BookAn intense horror, ghost, revenge theme,, with story and puzzle features. Designed for those 16+$99.99
Surprise MeThe company will randomly ship out one of its curated experiences.$199.99
The King in YellowA weird fiction, theatre, censorship theme, with a story feature. Recommended for 14+$199.99
Risen!Horror, cold war, science and zombie themed package, with story features. Recommended for 16+$199.99
Tempus FugitScience fiction, romance and history theme, with story and activity features. Designed for those 12+$199.99
The Lost Treasure of John AugurA pirate theme, with story, activity, puzzle and epilogue features. Designed for those 7+$229.99
Quest of the WerejaguarAn adventure, archaeology, Mayan history theme, with story, activity, video and epilogue features. Recommended for 6+, making it great for families.$229.99
Hunt for the Forgotten TombAn adventure, hidden treasure, Egyptology and history theme, with story, activity and epilogue features.$249.99
Rise of the CultA cult-like, paranoia/fear, weird fiction theme, with story, activity and epilogue features. Designed for those 18+$249.99
The Demon JarAn occult, demonology theme, with a story and activity feature. Recommended for 16+ and those who want to experience an intense horror experience.$249.99
The Century BeastWeird Fiction, Vikings and H.P. Lovecraft themes with story/audio features. Recommended for 14+$299.99
Filigree in ShadowVictorian, thriller and haunted house theme, with story, puzzle and epilogue features. Designed for those 18+$349.99

NOTE:  These prices are accurate as of 2018 and are subject to change.  You can read about each story in depth by visiting the official website and signing up for an account.

HLN talked with Jason Kapalka, the company’s adviser, and in his interview, he noted the packages can range between $80 to $180, but they take custom requests which can be as high as $1,000.

What is the Mysterious Package Company?

The packages, depending on which one you purchase, will be stocked with an assortment of related artifacts, clues, puzzles and more all related the storyline you choose.  As the story continues, you will receive multiple packages throughout the months.  According to the company’s official Facebook page, the company will provide unique and custom-made gifts delivered by mail and wrapped in a hand-crafted experience like nothing you have experienced before.

The stories will typically begin with a few letters and eventually end with the artifact in a wooden crate.  All of these letters and correspondence are tied together to offer a mystery which can be solved.  In the end, the recipient receives a reveal note which tells them who sent them the gift.

The stories, many of which are inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, are told via packages, and the project was successfully launched by a Kickstarter campaign in 2014.

One member on stated the first two mailings will usually contain some sort of photograph, letters and/or maps and the final mailing will be the “artifact.”  He stated the entire experience takes maybe 60 to 90 minutes to complete and the mailings can last months, depending on the shipping process.  On that same Reddit thread, another member said you have to view it as an art experience where it’s no so much of a mystery which needs to be solved, but a story that is told with physical objects.  The production value, as they claimed, is good, but if you’re looking for something you want to “solve” per se, then you may need to look at another service.

Mysterious Package Company reviews from around the Internet

One member on this thread said they were the recipient of the “King in Yellow” experience for Christmas.  Due to the packages being late and consistently behind schedule, they were no longer excited to receive a new one.  Another, in this same thread, said it was “cool” but was crazy expensive for an hour of entertainment.

David Spira, in his detailed review on, stated the gift was “disappointing,” but the materials and packaging was cool.  In the end, he recommended skipping it and trying an escape room instead.

Emily at Emily Short’s Interactive Storytelling created an in-depth review as well, explaining her feelings as described as “very mixed.”  As they are expensive, she didn’t expect to purchase any more, but did have a lot of love for the manufacturing skills and basic concept.

Lastly, via this Reddit thread, the top commenter said it was something cool and very memorable, but if you’re tight on money, it wasn’t recommended as there are many cool experiences simillar to this for a lot less money.

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